More toys!

After posting the news of the latest series of Toynami figures I was reminded of another line of great Futurama figures which I keep meaning to mention on the site. I will get round to doing a review very soon but up until then you should really check these bad boys out. Standing about half the size of the Toynami ones and with their own Kidrobot style they're a great addition to a Futurama fan's collection.
Unfortunately due the 'random choice' boxes where you don't know what you'll get inside, it's very hard to get them all.
A great place to go is eBay where the very rare Robot Devil is currently up for auction.
In the USA you can get them anywhere from the Kidrobot site to Urban Outfitters to Amazon.
However in the UK I've found a great site called dinky box where you can get them AND know who you're getting instead of a random choice.
Happy collecting!

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Kittens give Morbo gass...

This week in New York the Toy Industry Association is putting on it's annual Toy Fair.
Among many of the pretty sweet new toys on show were 3 new ones from the guys at Toynami, makers of 8 previous series of Futurama figures. Two of them, which are due summer this year, will make up series 9 and consist of Wooden Bender from the episode 'Obsoletely Fabulous' and our favourite smooth talking Peace Officer, URL.
Also on show was a fantastic Morbo figure but it is not yet known when he will appear and in what figure series(could he be another build your own figure like Roberto?). has extensive pictures of the figures and all of the other new releases at the Fair so go check 'em out!!

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A Futurama Theme Park Ride?!!

Apparently this was a ride that was considered at some point. I'm not sure how far it got in planning but it sounds very sweet!!

Check out the article here and thanks to JR Parnell for bringing this to our attention.

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A Mighty Haul for Bender!

As you will have read, the Futurama cast recently had the table read for their 100th episode.

Writer Mike Rowe(Bend Her) was on hand to take a little snap shot of the special script cover that was produced to mark the occasion. He's very kindly allowed us to show the picture here as a little teaser. Just click on the image to the right for a larger view!

It does show that the episode(production code 6acv12) is called "The Mutants are Revolting" although this title could always change before airdate.

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Voice Quartet at Wizard World Anaheim

Four of our favourite voice artists - Billy West, John DiMaggio, Maurice LaMarche and Phil LaMarr - will be making an appearance at the Wizard World Comic Con in Anaheim this year.

The convention runs from April 16th to April 18th and includes appearances from lots of stars including several Star Trek actors who also guested on Futurama.

Go to the website for more details.

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CGEF Twitter Updated

As some of know, we're on Twitter. This is where we post quick headlines of things to do with Futurama that are maybe not big enough to get a full headline on site. It's a great source of info if you're a fan so follow us @gotfuturama (which 879 already are-thanks!).

I've now trimmed down our following list(which includes myself and Jon), and created another 'list' of people on Twitter that are involved with the show for your interest. This is now in addition to our Futurama Profile Pics list. If you change your pic to a Futurama one then tweet us and we'll add you to the Hall of Fame!

Side note, if you're watching The Superbowl today lookout for The Simpsons Coke Ad... you MAY recognise the announcer!

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Futurama Wins Another Annie!!!

Will they've done it again!!
For the THIRD year running, Futurama walked off with the Annie Award for "Best Home Entertainment Production" for Into The Wild Green Yonder.

The Awards, which recognise achievement in animation, were hosted last night by William Shatner. Futurama has regularly featured in past ceremonies.

A huge congratulations to everyone at the show.
Why not post your congratulations in the comments section below...

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Crossover gets art-book treatment

News comes through that the two 2-part Futurama/Simpsons crossover comics are getting turned into artbooks by Art Book imprint Abrams.

The 4 comics, released in 2002 (Part One & Two) and 2005 (Part One & Two), will be released in hard back form and feature a reprint of The Simpsons #1 comic plus preliminary sketches, character designs and more.

It will be available in April.

(via futurama point) More info here. Pre-order at Amazon here.

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