It's not junk!!

Hold on to your sphincters! Cos here we go with a round up of Futurama junk!

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Firstly, yesterday Comedy Central(via Comedy Central Insider) started a series of what will surely be a fascinating look into the new season. Each week day a new image will be posted, giving us a glimpse into season 6. 2 great ones so far of the headless cast and a production sketch by el Groening of a 'Birthing Device'!
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They also confirmed what we'd mentioned before, that the new season will start on June 24th with a double bill. Now, we also have a time - 10pm(9pm Central)! A prime slot on the schedule! Thanks Comedy Central!!

Next, Comedy Central have announced that they will be asking the cast and crew some of YOUR questions! So think of the one thing you've always wanted to ask and submit here!

The rest of the news:
  • Totally awesome life-size Bender model created from scratch!
  • Fantastic interview with Billy West.
  • The Futurama/Simpsons Crossover Crisis Hardback edition is the No.2 bestseller behind Kick Ass.
  • And finally, a handy episode count down if you're watching along with us!

    49 Days left folk. Get excited with us in the comments below, Twitter, Facebook and of course PEEL!
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