So, now what?

Even though the current run of new Futurama episodes on Comedy Central ended tonight, Futurama is not gone for good at this point. Some details can be found in a recent interview by ifmagazine with the show's executive producer Davd X. Cohen.

Among other things, Comedy Central will air the holiday-themed 13ths episode of 2010 on Sunday 21st of November (if their plans don't change). The DVD set of those 13 episodes will be on store shelves in December. An additional 13 new episodes will air in 2011 - likely over the summer again.

And lastly, let me quote ifmagazine:
iF: Do you feel comfortable you'll get another order with Comedy Central or do you still have that continual worry like you had at Fox?

COHEN: On Fox, I definitely worried about it. When you're on a network like that, there's a schedule for these things where they tell you if you're picked up or not. Since we did the DVDs and are back for this strange giant order of 26, or two 13s, however you look at it, it's been much more random and I've come to expect nothing anymore, neither good nor bad. I just tend to roll with whatever develops. There's no schedule for this kind of order anymore, where "you're picked up on a certain date or go home." Comedy Central have 13 in the bank for next year. They may or may not feel the rush, but at least from our point of view, we do need more than a year of lead-time to get our operation up and running. If they do want more, we would like to hear soon. I'm just happy we got to do these, and because it's so much work, I try to look at it this way, if we don't do more, I get a nice little break.

So, it's not all over just yet!

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Season Finale Airs Tonight

The season finale of Futurama airs tonight on Comedy Central at 10pm Central time. Be sure to tune in, retweet, reshare, retell, yell, scream, shout, and over-all party with the last episode of this season tonight. How about we try to make this the most watched episode yet!? Use the options below this article to help share the news.

The episode is called "The Mutants Are Revolting" (6ACV12) and an awesome preview for it can be seen by clicking here. While the new episode will also be available shortly via iTunesicon and!

After it aired, don't forget to come back here to

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