Futurama Volume 5 DVD Preorder

Another short one:
Amazon now also added the Futurama Volume 5 DVD set to their database. Preorders are available for $27.99.

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Futurama Volume 5 BluRay Preorder

Short update: The Futurama Volume 5 BluRay set is up for preordering at Amazon now. At $34.99 versus the suggested price of $49.99, Santa should be able to buy it without going broke after all.

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Futurama Volume 5 DVD & BR announced

Both IGN and TVShowsOnDVD got word from FOX Home Entertainment regarding the much anticipated December release of the Futurama Volume 5 DVD and BluRay sets.

The sets will include the 12 episodes that aired during the summer plus the holiday special that will air later this year. Among the extras, IGN reports
* "Bend it Like Bender" featurette
* "Previously On

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Futurama Board:
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