I'm back from a lot of things...

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's interview but yes, tonight sees the return of Futurama for an all new 13 part season starting with a double bill.
Neutopia(Guest starring Patton Oswalt) airs from 10pm tonight on Comedy Central and sees the crew encounter a species that doesn't understand gender. That's followed by Benderama which sees Bender cloning himself over and over again.

The reviews section is now live for last nights episodes! Go rate!

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A one pixel brush?!

As promised yesterday, I've got a great interview for you all to check out.

Futurama Producer Claudia Katz from Rough Draft and Director Peter Avanzino(The Late Philip J Fry) were nice enough to sit down recently and chat it up. The interview covers lots of stuff from the early days of Rough Draft to CGI to Futurama creation in Photoshop!

Hope you all enjoy it and thanks again to the fantastic Claudia and Peter for their time!

Well, what are you waiting for?!

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Hi all. Only 2 long days until the gangs back with a double bill of episodes this thursday, 10pm, Comedy Central.
To get you in the mood Comedy Central wants you to Futuramatize your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures. So do it!
We should have a great interview with a couple of great behind the scenes crew of Futurama in the next couple of days but in the meantime here's a couple of other great ones popping up online in the lead up to Thursday as well as some other news:
  • David X Cohen spills the beans to Animation Magazine.
  • Billy West chats to MTV Geek
  • Top Futurama & The Simpsons director Rich Moore is to direct his first full feature! Go Rich!
  • Fox has reveavled it's panel lineups for San Diego Comic Con including of course Futurama...
  • Finally, here's a great fan video done for an animation project in Denmark.
See you soon Jerkwads!

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Puny news!

Sorry for all the down time last week. It happens!
Here's a round up of some recent Futurama news:

The weekend before last was the London MCM Comic Expo where some of the Futurama cast attended. If you have any pictures or info from the event if you were there do let us know.

Toynami, who have been very successful in the past with scale models for Futurama is bringing out some really rather cute Futurama mini vinyl figures very soon. You can pre-order now.

Katey Sagal appeared on Kevin Smith's Plus One Per Diem podcast last week along with her husband Kurt Sutter. Have a listen here. She briefly mentions Futurama.

It's now almost 2 weeks to the season premiere and along with their daily previews, Comedy Central are streaming the 5 nerdiest episodes starting yesterday, as picked by Mr David X Cohen. CC have also put out a Press Release officially announcing the hour long season premiere.
We're hoping to have a cool treat to feast your eyeballs on before the premiere so keen an eye out here and on Twitter.

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