Who likes good news?

Sorry I've been late getting this news up but I did mention it on Twitter earlier.

Good news everybody!
And by everybody I mean UK viewers...
The sixth season is finally scheduled for broadcast there!
Sky1HD(or normal Sky1 if you don't have HD) will show a double bill this Friday 22nd at 8pm starting with 'Rebirth'. They will then show the remaining episodes from the 26 in this season weekly at 8(that's instead of splitting it into 2 seasons!)

So get your cup of tea and crumpets ready UK viewers, Futurama's back!

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Everybody do the Bender!

Well today was the day for the announcement of this year's Emmy nominations and Futurama came up good as not only did it get nominated for Outstanding Animated Program for the excellent episode 'The Late Phillip J Fry' but Maurice LaMarche was nominated for Outstanding Voice Over Acting for his work as Lrrr and Orson Welles on the episode irreconcilable Ndndifferences. Maurice was last nominated for his work on Pinky and the Brain as 'The Brain'.

The Primtime Emmy Awards hosted by Jane Lynch air on September 18th. The folk at Futurama and Maurice will find out if they've won when the Creative Arts Emmys are awarded in the week before that.

A full list of nominees is available here.
Good luck from everyone here at CGEF!

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I gotta go drop a big one...

This week's episode is 'Silence of the Clamps' the first episode written by friend of the site Eric Rogers. Eric spoke about this experience and more when I interviewed him last year. Check out the article again here.
Eric was also recently interviewed for the Middletown Journal which can be found here.

In other Futurama news, Toynami have announced an exclusive giant Destructor figure which will be available for early order at SDCC.

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Review Ghost in the Machines

It's been available for a few hours but you can review last night's episode 'Ghost in the Machines' here!
Get reviewing!
In other news it's been confirmed that Futurama volume 6(this season airing this summer) will be released on BluRay and DVD December 20th in the US.

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