Chicken, water, fire, you take it from there!

Only 2 episodes left folks, so while the cast a crew are hard at work on the beginning of next season let's go out on a high ratings wise! Ratings have been steady last couple of weeks but tell you mom, dad, brother, brother from another mother and slave master to watch and let's have some big numbers for the last 2!

Tomorrow's ALL NEW episode, entitled 'Overclockwise' is directed by Raymie Muzquiz from a script by Ken Keeler.

Secondly, several of you have asked about the Futurama Quiz night to be held in Toronto which I mentioned below. More specifically they want more info as they don't have Facebook. I contacted the organiser Joel Minty and he's provided this run down.
"You Guessed It! You Can't Unguess It!" Futurama Trivia is interesting if true! And it is true! 3 rounds of mathematically flawless, alien eye-popping trivia backed by the viewing of three different classic Futurama episodes - and you don't even need a $300 Nixon tax rebate to participate because it's free. Sound too good to be true, like two meals in one week? Prepare to be surprised!

WHERE: Melody Bar, The Gladstone Hotel - 1214 Queen Street West.

WHEN: 8:00pm, September 27, 2011 (and again every two months, with our next gathering November 22nd!)

HOW IT WORKS: In classic pub trivia style, 'You Guessed It! You Can't Unguess It!' is three rounds of challenging questions about Futurama Volumes 1-4. Form a team of up to 6 friends and write down your answers on provided sheets; at the end of each round, you swap your sheet with another team just like in grade 6, and mark 'em. Then hand them in and enjoy an episode on the big screen! And did we mention prizes?

Special thanks to WOO-HOO!: Classic Simpsons Trivia for helping to organize this most natural progression. They are our big brother out of neither revenge, spite, malice nor boredom.

Invite your friends! It's fun for the whole family! (except grandma & grandpa)
Any more questions just put them in the comments section and I'm sure Joel will answer them...

So long!

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You Guessed it! You Can't Un-Guess!

Quick update for those of you living in Toronto, Canada.
The first Futurama Trivia Night will be held on September 27th at The Melody Bar, Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street. The night will consist of 3 fast paced Futurama themed trivia rounds followed by a screening of 3 classic Futurama episodes. Teams can be up to 6 players and the action all kicks off at 8pm.
For more info check out the Facebook group and if you go be sure to let us know how it went!

Tonight is another new episode of course. Entitled 'The Tip of the Zoidberg' and directed by Raymie Muzquiz(The Mutants are Revolting) from a script by Ken Keeler(who's last episode was the WGA Award winning The Prisoner of Bender), it promises to finally reveal how the Professor and Zoidberg met...
Remember to come back afterwards to review!

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Poop. hehe. Poop

Puny Humans! Tremble before lots of news!
Been very busy so let's get straight to a run down of all the 31st Century news:

The pre-sale date for Futurama Monopoly has been moved up to September 1st. Keep up to date on previews for the game on the official site.

Here's the 7 collectible tokens.

Futurama is currently running new episodes in the UK, Fridays, 8pm, Sky1. Double episodes!

A date has been set for the latest volume of DVDs in the US. December 20th.

The Futurama Comic Con panel was on July 23rd. Here's a run down of what happened:
  • The next 2 seasons of 13 episodes were confirmed.

  • Although it appeared a couple of days previous, Matt Groening announced the official Futurama Head in a Jar app for iPhone and iPod Touch. It's a fantastic app and you can see my attempt above. I've had a lot of questions about whether it will appear on android and so I asked someone in the know and unfortunately there are no plans for that to happen although it's not being ruled out.
    It's only available on the US store but if you live overseas you can create a US account if you find some instructions. Just have a search ;)

  • Matt Groening and friend of the site Peter Avanzino(The Late Philip J Fry) had a fantastic 'draw off' infront of the crowd. It was great fun and you can watch it here.

  • The 'anime' part of the finale was also shown to a great reception.

A great Billy West interview is HERE!
15 Awesome Futurama tattoos...

And finally...

In tonight's ALL NEW episode 'Fry Am The Eggman' is a song called 'Eggman' by Australian artist Eli Wolfe who released his self titled debut LP in September last year. You can find out more about the song and Eli on his official site or Facebook page.
Eli told us a little more on how he came up with the song:

"The song Eggman first came to me as a painting. I awoke one day with my head was so full of information and thought that I felt it was going to explode! With a canvas on the floor, I promptly splashed down a blue base, which serves as the ether, and suspended in it a white cracking egg with a limping skeletal body.

Now relieved and pondering upon the 'Eggman', I relaxed while playing the guitar. A guitar riff formed, which is the angular rhythm of Eggman's quirky stride. The words that followed the music were ladened with images and symbols that delve into the human psyche and an inner-desire for an expansion of consciousness. There was no inspired or creative relation to The Beatles song 'I am the Walrus', it was simply a subliminal image that birthed from how I was feeling at the time. Putting it all together with image and music, the final upbeat song moves along with a fun and delirious momentum. Enjoy!"

So look out for it on tonight's episode and come back to review shortly after...

So long meat bags!

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