BluRays! Boobies!

Well you wait for ages and two updates come in quick succession eh?!
Firstly, most of you will already be familiar with Futurama Art Director and Bongo Comics co-founder Bill Morrison. But Bill is also very much invested in the charity Bowling for Boobies which goes to help women who are struggling with breast cancer and don't have enough money to get through daily life due to being under-insured or not insured at all. Bill explains it much better here.
Bill says he would love for us to link to it and I'm more than happy to do so.
If you feel like donating any amount big or small then please go here.

Secondly, remember today is the last day to PRE-ORDER the Futurama Monopoly set and recieve the Exclusive Golden Bender piece.

Finally, Twentieth Century Fox have released final confirmation details and teased some of the extras on the volume 6 BluRays/DVDs. TV Shows On DVD has the details! December 20th!

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Bite My Glorious Golden Ass!

A few things to catch up here. Been very busy so only now getting a chance to catch up.
Firstly, tomorrow is your LAST DAY to pre-order the Futurama Monopoly and receive the golden Bender head piece which won't come with the regular release. What does it look like? well take a look here at the special pack I received from Monopoly for a preview of that and other items! Make sure you PRE-ORDER!

Also, on Tuesday night Toronto hosted it's first Futurama trivia night. Host Joel, who was interviewed about it by the AV Club here, told me it went down a treat and sent the above picture of some awesome folk who dressed up(click for a larger view)!

And finally, a great interview with Bongo Comics head honcho Bill Morrison here.

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News from the Nerd Overlord

Otherwise known as Futurama co-creator David X Cohen.
I received an email today from him regarding re-runs of the show.
He thought some of you might notice certain edits in syndicated re-runs so he wanted to set the record straight:
David X. Cohen here. I wanted to mention a few things regarding the "weekend syndication" run of Futurama that starts in the U.S. this weekend (Sept 24, 2011).

Obviously this is very good news for Futurama... Futurama has reached a number of episodes and a level of awareness where broadcasters are interested in showing the series. One thing that goes along with this success is that we have to make the episodes a little shorter to match the available length of the syndication time slot. This affects all syndicated series, not just Futurama. For example, the Simpsons episodes are cut down for U.S. syndication.

In the case of Futurama, we are fortunate that we still have our production team together, so I have been able to personally make the adjustments to the episodes with our editor, Paul Calder, who has been working with me on the series from the very beginning. I have tried my best not to cut anything that is critical to the episodes or the series as a whole, and also to keep intact the most popular runs of dialog. But of course, here and there, somebody's favorite line will be missing. There's just no way around it... it's the price of success. On the bright side, I think in many cases the pacing of the episodes has been improved slightly, and some subtle visual improvements and error corrections have been made as well. Some episodes may well be improved on the whole. Rest assured, no cuts are being made by anyone outside our production office.

The Comedy Central cable network, which broadcast both new and old episodes in the U.S., also has the option of showing either the original or syndication versions of the show. In the case of reruns, they are switching to the new syndication versions. New episodes should continue to air uncut, and the original full-length versions of course remain available for download and on DVD.

That's all... back to work for me now on 26 more new ones...


Thanks David!
Also, if you missed it yesterday, check out our interview with Peter Avanzino about 'Reincanation' here.

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Action Delivery Force!

Hi everyone.
Well, now all the cast an crew's Emmy hang overs have worn off it's back to work on the next season which will air from June 2012.
But in the meantime, I went back to 'Reincarnation' director Peter Avanzino to find out how much crazy stuff went into making that unique episode. Find the interview here! It's a great read with lots of info on how it was made and plenty of pics from Peter making the 8-bit video game section.
Also worth a read is this interview with producer Lee Supersinski.

Take care y'all!

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Emmys, Emmys, Emmys!

Well, how's about that episode folks?! Personally, I loved the heck out of 'Reincarnation' but what did you think?

Also, tonight is night the Creative Emmys are presented. Which sees Futurama up for Outstanding Animated Program for the excellent episode 'The Late Phillip J Fry' and Maurice LaMarche up for Outstanding Voice Over Acting for his work as Lrrr and Orson Welles on the episode Irreconcilable Ndndifferences.

Best of luck to everyone!

They did it!! Not only did Futurama win the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program but Maurice LaMarche ALSO won for Outstanding Voice Over Acting(his first)! Congrats to all involved! Highly deserved!

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Hypnotoad commands you! tune into tonight's finale of Futurama!

Tonight's episode is written by Aaron Ehasz(Benderama) and directed by Peter Avanzino(The Late Phillip J Fry) and features 3 tales animated in 3 different animation styles. Peter talked about directing this unique episode in our interview with him and Claudia Katz and hopefully I'll be doing a follow up chat about the experience of tonights episode which should be up on the site in the next few days...

Make sure you tune in and tell every meat bag you see to do so also!!

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Are you familiar with my friend Al Gore?!

Small update here.
Futurama Monopoly is now available for pre-order!
From now until the end of the pre-order on 30th September if you pre-order the set it will arrive(in November, the same time as the regular release) with an exclusive Golden Bender piece and Leela boot piece. The regular release won't see the Leela boot and Bender will be plain old silver.

So what are you waiting for... Go order it now!!

You can preview the set here and on the Facebook page(and yes, brilliantly, Al Gore is a 500 bill).

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