Fear the Future!

Just a quick post today. Recently Matt Groening and David X Cohen sat down with Jefferson Graham from USA Today to chat about technology now, in the future and on Futurama.
It's a nice little interview so check it out!
Hope you all enjoyed the premiere episodes. Be sure to rate and leave your comments for both episodes here.

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TV Party Tonight!

Well that time has finally come folks! Time for the season premiere of Futurama!
Remember it's a double episode tonight, 'Bots and the Bees' followed by 'Farewell to Arms'.
Make sure you tune into Comedy Central at 10pm/9c!
If you miss them then they will be available on iTunes tomorrow or you can catch one of the many repeats during the week.
So how can you get your self ready for tonight?

1. How about checking out our new podcast if you haven't already?
2. Also check out the great podcast featuring Matt Groening, David X Cohen and various cast and crew!
3. Why not warm up with repeats of 'The Late Philip J Fry' and 'A Ghost in the Machines' directly before tonight's premiere on Comedy Central?!
4. Also, I've designed 4 desktop and phone wallpapers which you can download as a set here. Hope you like them, let me know what you think.

And finally, after the premiere, come back to CGEF to rate and comment on the 2 episodes and chat about them in the PEEL forum!

Phew, you ready?! It's gonna be fun on a bun!

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All glory to...

...the Hypnotoad. And the new figure from Kidrobot!
If you're going to the San Diego Comic Con make sure you stop by the KidRobot booth #4529 and get the exclusive, yet to be revealed, pre-release Hypnotoad figure for $39.95!
It will be released in the US at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers worldwide beginning August 2.
More details here.

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The pod is cast!

Sorry I'm late posting it here although I mentioned on twitter.
The first episode of the podcast is now online!
Listen to me chat to Billy West and run down the latest Futurama news on iTunes here!
If you don't like the iTunes juggernaut check out the podcast here!
Enjoy and be sure to let us know what you think!

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Cast the pod...

Futurama: The Fan Podcast from gotfuturama.com is now up on iTunes!
Subscribe to download the preview(really a test) episode and then when the first episode(featuring an interview with Billy West) is released on thursday it will drop right into your podcast section!
After episode 1 it will really depend on what YOU guys want to hear(if at all) as to wether it continues.
So if you have ideas, suggestions, comments, anything, then tweet us @gotfuturama or email me.
So long Meatbags!

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San Diego Comic Con 2012

As usual Futurama will be having a panel at the San Diego Comic Con this year. So if you're going, be sure to turn up on Saturday July 14th and see Executive Producers Matt Groening and David X Cohen along with stars Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal and Maurice LaMarche take questions, show exclusive new footage and also give out prizes for the best dressed Futurama themed costumes!
Further info will be available nearer the time so be sure to check back at the Comic Con site!
Katey Sagal will also be appearing on the Sons of Anarchy panel on the Sunday.

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