The Emmy nominations are in and in a repeat of last year, Futurama has been nominated twice!
This year, in the category of Outstanding Animated Programme it's for the episode 'The Tip of the Zoidberg', written by Ken Keeler and directed by Raymie Muzquiz.
Also, as last year, Maurice LaMarche receives a nomination in the category Outstanding Voice Over Actor for the episode 'Silence of the Clamps'.

Winners will be announced the week before the Primetime Emmys which take place on September 23rd. All further nominees are listed here.

You can find Raymie online at and follow Maurice on Twitter @MAURICELAMARCHE.

Good luck guys!

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New News!

Hey everyone.
Tonight's an all new Futurama on Comedy Central. This week's episode is from the keyboard of friend of the site, Eric Rogers, whose first full episode, last season's Silence of the Clamps, gained him a Writers Guild Award nomination. The episode is directed by Frank Marino(Rebirth). 10pm/9c tonight!

You should be aware, though, if you're a DirecTV customer you may need to find a friend's house to watch it at due the current dispute between them and Viacom.

After the show be sure to go to Futurama's Comedy Central Page to take part in a live webcast with Futurama creators Matt Groening & David X Cohen alongside cast members Billy West, John DiMaggio and Maurice LaMarche. Details here.

Also, good news for fans of the Head in a Jar app for iOS: It's been updated with many new features and is now also available for ANDROID!!
Find it on the respective app stores.

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More news!

A few bits of news before tonight's all new episode.
'The Thief of Baghead', written by Dan Vebber(Cold Warriors) and directed by Edmund Fong, is at 10pm/9c only on Comedy Central! Tune in and review here after!
Also, make sure you go online after next week's episode where Matt Groening and David X Cohen will be joined by Billy West, John DiMaggio and Maurice LaMarche for the first ever live Futurama chat. You can start submitting questions now!
And finally, full details of the Futurama panel at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday 14th July(the link has the date wrong) have been announced. If you're there head to Ballroom 20 at 12 noon!

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New BluRay & DVD details!

Hi folks, the artwork has now been unveiled by for the next volume of Futurama, which comprises of this season's episodes.
A date of December 18th has been set for release in the US. Just in time for Christmas!
Extra features are yet to be announced.

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