Futurama on Mastermind!

If you're in the UK you'll be aware of the legendary quiz show 'Mastermind' where contestants are quizzed on fiendishly difficult questions. First they answer as many questions as they can on a subject of their choosing for 2 minutes. Then they answer general knowledge questions for a further 2 and a half minutes.

This Saturday's edition featured contestant Mark Kirby whose chosen subject was Futurama! Mark contacted us to let us know and hopefully those who saw our tweet on saturday will have tuned in.
Luckily if you missed it you can catch it again on the BBC iPlayer!

I won't reveal how Mark did but he did say to me that he used our site to help revise! Glad we could help Mark!

I'm not sure the link will work outside of the UK but if it does do please let us know.

Thanks and way to go Mark!!

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Win Awesome Futurama stuff!!

This week CGEF is very pleased to be teaming up with the awesome folk at Acme Archives to give away a completely amazing prize.
If you're not aware of Acme, they are the official licensee for fine & original art for a whole bunch of folk from 20th Century Fox to Star Wars to Disney to The Muppets and more (check out some awesome Wreck It Ralph art they've just got in). I have one item from them which I got for my birthday (a Futurama production sketch) and it looks excellent up on my wall.

What they're going to be giving away is a one of a kind silkscreen 'Metal Menace' print of Bender which is similar to the style of art seen on the recent BluRay/DVD releases.
Not only that but Futurama Art Director Bill Morrison and Matt Groening themselves have personally signed and doodled on it.

It is a truly special prize and there are 3 very simple ways to enter:

1. Follow @AcmeArchives on twitter and Retweet THIS tweet.
2. Interact with them on Facebook by liking, sharing or commenting on the post about this contest.
3. Comment on their blog post about this item.

You only need to enter one way.

The contest closes on Monday 26th when a winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck everyone!

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People of the UK!

Tomorrow night (the 12th) at 10:50pm on Channel 4 in the UK a new show will premiere called 'Full English'.
It's a UK based show with UK talent such as the voice of Richard Ayoade(The IT Crowd, Submarine).
The animated sketch/satire show was animated through Futurama's Rough Draft Studios. They've been working on it for a while and are very proud of it so make sure you check it out!

Mondays, 10:50pm Channel 4.

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