Casting another pod!

We're back with another podcast!
This time music maestro Christopher Tyng was kind enough to chat and it's all in the latest episode which you can download when you refresh you feed if you have subscribed or you can get it from iTunes here!
If you prefer the traditional RSS route point yourself in this direction!
Enjoy and be sure to let us know what you think!

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Its like magic. But with Electricity.

Hey everyone.
It's still another 4 months until the new season but to tide you over I've managed to get you an exclusive look at the full list of upcoming episode titles along with writer and director credits.
Check them out!

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Is It Me Maybe?

Hi all,
Incase you've missed the posts on twitter check out the first trailer for the new season of Futurama which will premiere in late June!
If you live outside the US you should follow this link…
Looks great!

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Sir Wreck It of Ralph

UK fans. Just a quick note to make sure you check out Wreck It Ralph which is in theatres from today!

I was lucky enough(for the UK) to see this a few months back and it's as good everyone says. A fantastic, fun, funny and sweet film brilliantly visualised by Rich Moore who Futurama fans will know from directing episodes such as the pilot and winning an Emmy for the excellent 'Roswell That Ends Well'.

Also, see if you can spot cameos by Maurice LaMarche (Kif) and John DiMaggio(Bender)!

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Futurama Board:
Visit our strong going affiliate PEEL. Once part of CGEF, it grew to unexpected popularity and now is the board for Futurama fans.