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Many of you know of Futurama writer Eric Kaplan's work from episodes like Jurassic Bark and Parasites Lost to his work on Flight of the Conchords, Malcolm in the Middle, The Drinky Crow Show and now The Big Bang Theory.
As part of his animation studio Mirari Films, Eric is adding to his already very busy schedule with a new online web show produced with My Damn Channel. He's teaming up with Andy Bobrow, a writer from Community amongst other great shows, to write and voice characters for a comedy chat show with celebrity guests.
But it needs funding! Here's where Kickstarter comes in again!
Head over to their page and see what you can contribute and the great rewards on offer!
Do it!

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Adventure Always!

We all know of the need to show our support for the show to bring it back but here's another gem which you can also support involving former Simpsons writer and Futurama producer Josh Weinstein(Who Shot Mr Burns?, Law & Oracle).

Josh has teamed up with the very talented Tim Fishlock who created the iOS app 'Sir Benfro's Brilliant Balloon', a beautiful game which takes cues from Monty Python, Studio Ghibli, Yellow Submarine, Adventure Time and yes, Britain's Mr Benn & David Attenborough among others.
The app was so well received it was listed by Apple as one of their 'Best of 2012'.
They have collaborated on a book about Sir Benfro's adventures which is wonderfully illustrated by Tim and written by Josh. They are self publishing so all they need now is money to do so! That's where you come in!

Here's a press release from Tim.

I think it's a fantastic project and promises to be a really great book. If you're not familiar with Sir Benfro the app is available to download for FREE during the kickstarter! Check it out!

You can view a great video and find out more about the project including the great rewards by visiting the Kickstarter page here.

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The Countdown Begins!

So the countdown begins to Futurama's final season on Comedy Central.
As they have every year they will be revealing new content and pictures from the upcoming shows every day up until the premiere on June 19th.
Head on over to the Futurama Facebook page to check it out(it's viewable even if you're not on FB). This started May 1st. Check it out!

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