The beginning of the end(??)

It's the premiere of the new season of Futurama tonight!
Not only that, it's a double bill!
It all starts at 10pm/9 central with '2-D Blacktop' (review it) by Mike Rowe (Proposition Infinity) and directed by Raymie Muzquiz (The Mutants Are Revolting).
Then at 10:30pm/9:30 central it's 'Fry and Leela's Big Fling' (review it) by friend of the site Eric Rogers (The Silence of the Clamps) and directed by Edmund Fong (Neutopia).

Have a great night folks, and make sure you come back afterwards to review, chat it up on the message boards and tweet us your thoughts.

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Sick & Twisted!!

You like Spike & Mike? Of course you do! The duo behind the Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation are back this year for their 20th anniversary. Previously premiering work from Tim Burton, Nick Park and John Lasseter, this year will feature great guests including the first one announced: Billy West.

As with a lot of things this year, they're going the Kickstarter route. It's a well worthy cause and you don't want to let Billy down do you?!! Get involved!

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