A Final(?) Message From David X. Cohen

Hi all,
Futurama co-creator David X. Cohen sent me this message last night that he wanted to share with the fans. Unfortunately I didn't have access to a computer to post(Though I posted it on Twitter). But here it is now:

"Since the Futurama series finale airs later today, I just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks to Futurama fans everywhere for sticking with us throughout our circuitous journey. Without your powerful show of support, we would never have come back to life for these past four seasons of episodes, or the DVD movies before that. We tried our best to live up to your high expectations, and I hope tonight's episode ranks as one of our two or three best last-episodes-ever ever. On behalf of the entire cast and crew of Futurama, thank you from the bottom of Dr. Zoidberg's second and fourth hearts. Yours,

David X. Cohen"

Thanks David! I'm sure you'll join me in wishing David all the best. Why not send your best wishes to David in the comments below?

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So it's that time again!
Time for ANOTHER Futurama series finale!
It's happened before and the show came back so let's keep those fingers crossed!
In the meantime we can look forward to a full evening of fun surrounding the finale, entitled 'Meanwhile', on wednesday.
As well as Comedy Central showing a full evening's worth of Futurama episodes, Nerdist head geek and founder, the ever enthusiastic Chris Hardwick(@Nerdist), will moderate not one but two live Futurama streams. The first at 9:30/8:30c and the second after the finale at 10:30/9:30c.
Be sure to tune in on the Futurama site and on the Nerdist YouTube channel! If you have questions you want Chris to ask Matt Groening, David X Cohen, cast members Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr and Lauren Tom, writer Patric M. Verrone or director Pete Avanzino tweet them @ComedyCentral.
Enjoy the finale!

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