We're Back Baby!

Hey world!
After a gap almost as long as Fry's cryogenic slumber we're back!
Sorry for the lack of updates on here(though I'm sure you were keeping up with all the latest new on our twitter page!) but we've had some issues with our news feed that stopped us from updating.

So what's new? Really? You did that? Isn't that illegal? No? Well that's good I suppose. Me? I'm good. Thanks for asking, that's so kind of you.
Oh so what's new in the world of Futurama?!
Well this update is out just in time(some would say it was deliberate) for the release of the new Futurama game for iOS and Android!

Futurama: Game of Drones is out TODAY! and is free to download. Featuring a new story from series writer Patric Verrone, the new game from Wooga is puzzle style game and then some!
Check out the Wooga youtube page for more including a great behind the scenes featurette.

Download NOW from the iOS App Store and Google Play!

Let us know on our social media sites what you think of the game!

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