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Hey everyone,
Just checking in with a quick update on some fun things that have happened recently in the world of Futurama. As always, follow us on twitter for much more frequent updates and smaller tidbits and links to articles.

Firstly, a really great one. The folks behind Frinkiac - Paul Lehrer, Sean Schulte and Allie Young - which is a site where you can generate memes and gifs of scenes from any point of the series, have done the same again with Futurama! Head over to Morbotron.com and have a play. It's a truly brilliant site that you'll loose hours to(which is a good thing!)

Also, for those that haven't seen, man of a thousand voices like Fry, Farnsworth and Zoidberg, Billy West has been reading many quotes from that grunka-lunka wearing a blonde wig, Donald Trump... in the voice of Zapp. It's hilarious and oddly well fitting so have a browse through Billy's twitter timeline to check them out along with some cameos from Maurice LaMarche as Kif.

They're also handily compiled on YouTube.

Till next time meatbags!

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