Invaders! Possibly from space!

Today’s the day folks! Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow is out now wherever you download stuff! (specifically, The App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android)

Developer Jam City has really gone to town on this it seems, working with creators Matt Groening & David X Cohen along with other writers from the show, the original voice cast and Futurama’s animation studio Rough Draft.
The game ‘blends simulation, combat, galactic exploration, and choose-your-own-adventure gameplay’. Does this add up to a great game? Seems like it will but do let us know in the comments, on Twitter and Facebook what you think of it. I’ll have a review in a week or so when I’ve had time with it.
The game is free to download with in app purchases for some of the more premium stuff.

And here's some animated trailers for you to enjoy!

Additionally, Jam City has managed to organise several other fun things to get involved with outside of the game including the following:

Last week, there was a table read featuring the entire cast(minus Katey Sagal) & David X Cohen. If you missed it you can watch it on the Futurama Facebook page.

TODAY there will be reddit AMA with Matt Groening(his first ever AMA!), David X Cohen, Billy West, John DiMaggio and Chris DeWolfe(co-founder and CEO of Jam City). It runs from 11:30AM - 1PM PDT and you can submit questions from 11:00AM here.

Also today is a live streamed Q&A featuring everyone above PLUS Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr and Lauren Tom. You can see this on the official Futurama Facebook page. from 2:30-3:30PM PDT.

Until next time meatbags, happy gaming!

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