#Bendergate is over!

Good news! Futurama will be coming back with DiMaggio on board. DiMaggio and the Futurama producers have managed to work things out, and the original voice of Bender will be returning for the revived series.

I'M BACK, BABY! So damn grateful for the love and support of fans and colleagues alike during this whole time (especially my wife, Kate), and I cannot wait to get back to work with my Futurama family. #Bendergate is officially over, so put it on the back of a shelf behind Xmas decorations, or maybe in that kitchen drawer with all of the other crap you put in there like old unusable crazy glue, or maybe even put it in a jar you save farts in. Whatever floats your boat, I don’t care, you get the picture. I’M BACK, BABY! BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS!

Now we can finally start looking forward to the re-re-re-revival of futurama!

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