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Futurama News

Futurama! Math! Win tickets!

If you like either or both of them then make sure you go along and see what promises to be fine and funny panel at Moogfest in Asheveille, North Carolina!
On hand to talk about the math in both Futurama and The Simpsons with writer Simon Singh will be Futurama co-creator David X Cohen plus writers Ken Keeler, Stewart Burns and Jeff Westbrook.
Simon Singh is a British science writer who wrote the book The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets which had a chapter on Futurama. Simon was kind enough to send me a copy and during my time in hospital recently I had a read of it. It’s a great book and I recommend you all grab a copy.

Also, we’re very pleased to be teaming up with Moogfest to offer two pairs of tickets for the festival. As well as the Futurama panel there’s a wide variety of great speakers from Dan Deacon to Google’s Ryan Germick to Janelle Monae as well as music from lots of big artists like Kraftwerk, MIA and Chic Feat. Nile Rodgers. More info here.
To enter simply email with the subject title Moogfest and the answer to the below question:

What nationality is panel moderator Simon Singh?

Winners will be chosen at random. Closing date is Sunday 30th March.

Good luck!
12-03-2014 | | 1 comment View 'Futurama! Math! Win tickets!' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Futurama! Math! Win tickets!'

Bite My Shiny Metal Documentary!

So many of you will be aware of the forthcoming documentary film produced and spearheaded by the voice of Bender himself, John DiMaggio.

Well, now you can get involved and get some really cool goodies related to the film, shout outs from John himself and even attend the hollywood premiere and hangout at the after party with Johnny D and a whole ton of great voice acting talent(seriously, this if voice over A-list with a capital A blown up to 24pt text size!).

What's even better is that John and the people involved with the film are teaming up with a great charity called charity:water who get water to those who need it most around the world.

So why not get involved, get some cool stuff, hang out with some stars AND help a worth while charity! Do it people!
27-10-2013 | | 2 comments Jump to last comment on 'Bite My Shiny Metal Documentary!' View 'Bite My Shiny Metal Documentary!' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Bite My Shiny Metal Documentary!'

A Final(?) Message From David X. Cohen

Hi all,
Futurama co-creator David X. Cohen sent me this message last night that he wanted to share with the fans. Unfortunately I didn't have access to a computer to post(Though I posted it on Twitter). But here it is now:

"Since the Futurama series finale airs later today, I just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks to Futurama fans everywhere for sticking with us throughout our circuitous journey. Without your powerful show of support, we would never have come back to life for these past four seasons of episodes, or the DVD movies before that. We tried our best to live up to your high expectations, and I hope tonight's episode ranks as one of our two or three best last-episodes-ever ever. On behalf of the entire cast and crew of Futurama, thank you from the bottom of Dr. Zoidberg's second and fourth hearts. Yours,

David X. Cohen"

Thanks David! I'm sure you'll join me in wishing David all the best. Why not send your best wishes to David in the comments below?
05-09-2013 | | 85 comments Jump to last comment on 'A Final(?) Message From David X. Cohen' View 'A Final(?) Message From David X. Cohen' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'A Final(?) Message From David X. Cohen'


So it's that time again!
Time for ANOTHER Futurama series finale!
It's happened before and the show came back so let's keep those fingers crossed!
In the meantime we can look forward to a full evening of fun surrounding the finale, entitled 'Meanwhile', on wednesday.
As well as Comedy Central showing a full evening's worth of Futurama episodes, Nerdist head geek and founder, the ever enthusiastic Chris Hardwick(@Nerdist), will moderate not one but two live Futurama streams. The first at 9:30/8:30c and the second after the finale at 10:30/9:30c.
Be sure to tune in on the Futurama site and on the Nerdist YouTube channel! If you have questions you want Chris to ask Matt Groening, David X Cohen, cast members Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Phil LaMarr and Lauren Tom, writer Patric M. Verrone or director Pete Avanzino tweet them @ComedyCentral.
Enjoy the finale!
03-09-2013 | | 20 comments Jump to last comment on 'DOOOOOOOOOMED!!!' View 'DOOOOOOOOOMED!!!' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'DOOOOOOOOOMED!!!'

Own something really unique!

As we look ahead to next week's season, and possibly series, finale there's a great chance to own a one of a kind piece of Futurama art.
Bongo comics legend and former Futurama art director Bill Morrison is auctioning off an original piece of Futurama art in aid of Tiny Loving Canines, a non-profit dog rescue in Simi Valley, California. It's also signed by the ENTIRE cast, Bill, Lee Supercinski, David X Cohen & Matt Groening!
Here's some info!
GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Here’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Futurama and Comic-Con history! This huge original artwork was drawn by Bill Morrison (Art Director on the original run of Futurama, Bongo Comics cartoonist, etc.)  as a prop for the 2013 Futurama Panel at Comic-Con International, San Diego! The artwork was used as the punch line in a drawing competition between Futurama and Simpsons creator Matt Groening and Futurama animation director Edmund Fong. At the end of the contest, Matt pulled out the drawing as if he had done it in just a few seconds. It got a great reaction from the crowd, but ultimately Matt was tried as a cheater in a mock trial and sentenced to death by Snu snu. Here is a link to the video of the actual drawing competition.
This amazing original drawing measures 36” X 48” and was done in Sharpie marker on gatefold foam core board. (Please note, the gatefold board is factory hinged to fold open, so there are vertical seams in the art on the left and right sides.)
After the panel, the art was signed by the entire Futurama cast, including Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, Maurice LaMarche, Lauren Tom, Phil Lamarr, Tress MacNeille, and David Herman, as well as Producer Lee Supercinski, Executive Producer David X. Cohen, and creator Matt Groening! Oh, and the actual artist of the piece Bill Morrison signed it too!
The entire proceeds for this auction will benefit TLC (Tiny Loving Canines) a non-profit dog rescue in Simi Valley, California.
The auction runs for one week so go here and grab a once in a lifetime piece of Futurama art!! It looks incredible!
30-08-2013 | | 1 comment View 'Own something really unique!' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Own something really unique!'

Ask David Anything!

Just caught this last minute but Futurama co-creator David X Cohen will be taking part in a Reddit AMA(Ask Me Anything) in about one hour! That's 3pm PST on July 1st!

Head over here to ask him a question or to view the chat after it's completed.
01-07-2013 | | 21 comments Jump to last comment on 'Ask David Anything!' View 'Ask David Anything!' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Ask David Anything!'

The beginning of the end(??)

It's the premiere of the new season of Futurama tonight!
Not only that, it's a double bill!
It all starts at 10pm/9 central with '2-D Blacktop' (review it) by Mike Rowe (Proposition Infinity) and directed by Raymie Muzquiz (The Mutants Are Revolting).
Then at 10:30pm/9:30 central it's 'Fry and Leela's Big Fling' (review it) by friend of the site Eric Rogers (The Silence of the Clamps) and directed by Edmund Fong (Neutopia).

Have a great night folks, and make sure you come back afterwards to review, chat it up on the message boards and tweet us your thoughts.
19-06-2013 | | 20 comments Jump to last comment on 'The beginning of the end(??)' View 'The beginning of the end(??)' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'The beginning of the end(??)'

Sick & Twisted!!

You like Spike & Mike? Of course you do! The duo behind the Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation are back this year for their 20th anniversary. Previously premiering work from Tim Burton, Nick Park and John Lasseter, this year will feature great guests including the first one announced: Billy West.

As with a lot of things this year, they're going the Kickstarter route. It's a well worthy cause and you don't want to let Billy down do you?!! Get involved!
19-06-2013 | | add comment View 'Sick & Twisted!!' in a new window (permalink) printable version of 'Sick & Twisted!!'

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