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Episode Sounds: 1ACV01 - Space Pilot 3000

  1. Fry: "Space, it seems to go on and on forever. But then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you. And that's how you play the game."
    Boy: "You stink loser!"
    (download 67kb)
  2. Fry: "Michelle, baby, where are you going?"
    Michelle: "It's not working out Fry. I put your stuff out on the sidewalk!"
    (download 24kb)
  3. Fry: "I hate my life, I hate my life, I hate my life."
    (download 9kb)
  4. Fry: "Hello! Pizza delivery for ... I.C. Wiener? Aww, crud. I always thought by this point in my life I'd be the one making the crank calls..."
    (download 33kb)
  5. Fry: "It's the future! My parents, my coworkers, my girlfriend. I'll never see any of them again! Yahooo!"
    (download 35kb)
  6. Scientist1: "Welcome to the world of tomorrow!"
    Scientist2: "Why do always have to say it that way?"
    Scientist1: "Haven't you ever heard of a little thing called showmanship? Come, your destiny awaits!"
    (download 37kb)
  7. Fry: "Can I ask you a question?"
    Leela: "As long as it's not about my eye."
    Fry: "errr."
    Leela: "Is it about my eye?"
    Fry: "Sort of."
    Leela: *sigh* "Just ask the question."
    Fry: "What's with the eye?"
    Leela: "I'm an alien alright? Let's drop the subject."
    Fry: "Cool! An alien! Has your race taken over the earth?"
    Leela: "No.. I just work here."
    (download 56kb)
  8. Leela: "Well, at least here you'll be treated with dignity. Now strip naked and get on the probulator."
    (download 14kb)
  9. Fry: "Wow, a real live robot! Or is that some kind of cheesy new years costume?"
    Bender: "Bite my shiny metal ass!"
    Fry: "It doesn't look so shiny to me."
    Bender: "Shinier than yours, meatbag."
    (download 36kb)
  10. Bender: "Listen, buddy, I'm in a hurry here. Let's try for a twofer. Hehe."
    Suicide Booth: "Please select mode of death. Quick and painless or slow and horrible."
    Fry: "Yeah, I'd like to place a collect call?"
    Suicide Booth: "You have selected slow and horrible."
    Bender: "Great choice!"
    (download 57kb)
  11. Suicide Booth: "You are now dead. Thank you for using Stop'n'Drop. America's favorite suicide booth since 2008."
    (download 21kb)
  12. Leela's Boss: "This is unacceptable Leela! You must find this Mr Fry and install his chip."
    Leela: "Look, he is just a nobody who doesn't wanna be a delivery boy. I'd really rather not force it on him."
    Leela's Boss: "Well, that's your job! Whether you like it or not. And it's my job to make you do your job, whether I like it or not. Which I do! Very much! Now get to work!"
    Leela: *sigh*
    Leela's Boss:
    "Life is good."
    (download 81kb)
  13. Fry: "Why would a robot need to drink?"
    Bender: "I don't *need* to drink. I can quit anytime I want!" *burp*
    (download 20kb)
  14. Leela: "This is officer 1BDI, requesting backup."
    Cop : "We'll be there in 5 minutes!"
    (download 16kb)
  15. Nimoy: "We share our wisdom with those who seek it. It's a life of quiet dignity."
    Woman: "Feeding time!"
    (download 19kb)
  16. Nixon: "That's it! You just made my list. *Aruu*"
    Fry : "Ow ow owuu ow ow ow. Stop it. Down boy. Bad President."
    (download 30kb)
  17. Leela: "You guys were totally out of control."
    (download 7kb)
  18. Fry: "Wait a second. You are a bender, right? We can get out of here if you just bend the bars!"
    Bender: "Dream on skin tube! I'm only programmed to bend for constructive purposes. What do I look like? A debender?"
    Fry: "Who cares what you're programmed for? If someone programmed you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?"
    Bender: "I'll have to check my program. Yep!"
    (download 58kb)
  19. Fry: "Come on Bender. It's up to you to make your own decisions in life. That's what's seperates people and robots from animals .. and animal robots!"
    Bender: "You're full of crap Fry! *zap* You make a persuasive argument Fry."
    (download 46kb)
  20. Leela: "Wait!"
    Bender: "No thanks!"
    (download 5kb)
  21. Fry: "Good lord, what is this?"
    Bender: "It's the decaying ruins of ooold New York. Welcome home pal!"
    (download 27kb)
  22. Fry: "What is the matter with you?"
    Bender: "I just wanted to be part of the moment."
    Leela: "Hey! He stole my ring!"
    Bender: "Sorry. Well, that solves the mystery of the missing ring."
    (download 45kb)
  23. Prof. Farnsworth: "Who are you?"
    Fry: "I'm your dear old unlce Fry."
    Prof. Farnsworth: "I don't have an uncle Fry."
    Bender: "You do now."
    (download 23kb)
  24. Prof. Farnsworth: "Let me show you around. That's my lab table and this is my work stool and over there is my intergalactic space ship. And here is where i keep assorted lengths of wire."
    Fry: "Wow, a real live space ship!"
    Prof. Farnsworth: "I designed it myself. Let me show some of the different lengths of wire I used."
    (download 65kb)
  25. Fry: "This is awesome! Are we gonna fly through space fighting monsters and teaching alien women to love?"
    Prof. Farnsworth: "If by that you mean transporting cargo? Then yes! It's a little home business I started to fund my research."
    Fry: "Cool! What's my job gonna be?"
    Prof. Farnsworth: "You'll be responsible for ensuring that the cargo reaches its destination."
    Fry: "So ... I'm gonna be a delivery boy?"
    Prof. Farnsworth: "Yes, exactly!"
    Fry: "Alright! I'm a delivery boy!"
    (download 91kb)

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