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Episode Sounds: 4ACV11 - Where no Fan has gone before

  1. *star trek theme plays*
    Shatner: "Shatner's log, airdate: unknown. The impossible has happened. It would take days to recount the events I witnessed. So, settle in."
    (download 95kb)
  2. Zapp: "Do you understand the charges?"
    Kif: "One beep for yes, two beeps for no"
    FRY: *beep*
    Zapp: "Yes, so noted. Do you plead guilty?"
    Fry: *beep* *beep*
    Zapp: "Double-yes. Guilty!"
    (download 74kb)
  3. Trek Priest: "And Scotty beamed them to the klingon ship, where there would be no tribble at all!"
    (download 43kb)
  4. Nichelle Nichols: "By the 23rd century Star Trek fandom had evolved from a loose association of nerds with skin problems into a full blown religion."
    (download 59kb)
  5. Nichelle Nichols: "And so the Trekkies were executed in the mannor most befitting virgins."
    Fan 1: "whooo"
    Officer: "He is dead Jim."
    Fan 2: "warrrr"
    Officer: "He is dead Jim."
    Fan 3: "uahhhh"
    Officer: "He is dead Jim."
    (download 62kb)
  6. Bender: "Another classic science fiction show cancelled before its time! tsk tsk tsk"
    (download 29kb)
  7. Jonathan Frakes: "Yes! Front Row!"
    (download 12kb)
  8. Leela: "You can't go to Omega 3! It's forbidden! I forbid you!"
    Fry: "But we have to! The world needs Star Trek to give people hope for the future."
    Leela: "But it's set 800 years in the past..."
    Bender: "Yeah! Why is it so important you?"
    Fry: "Cause it.. it taught me so much. Like, how you should accept people, whether they be black, white, klingon or even female."
    (download 123kb)
  9. Leonard Nimoy: "Nichelle, George, Walter, DeForest, Welshie!"
    Fry: "Welshie?!"
    Nichelle Nichols: "We did some musical reunion specials in the 22-hundreds, but the guy who played Scotty had trouble yodeling."
    (download 86kb)
  10. Walter Koenig: "When we woke up, we had these bodies."
    Fry: "Say it in russian!"
    Walter Koenig: "Hrrrmm. When we woke up we had these wodies."
    Fry: "Wheeee, now say nuclear vessels."
    Walter Koenig: "No!"
    (download 566kb)
  11. Melllvar: "You doubt my power??"
    Bender: "I do." *zap* *pow*
    Melllvar: "Muhahahahha"
    Fry: "Welschiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!"
    (download 74kb)
  12. Bender: "Errr, can people who hate star trek leave?"
    Walter Koenig: "Good question."
    Melllvar: "No you have to stay even longer!"
    (download 36kb)
  13. William Shatner: "I'm slim shady. Yes. I'm the real slim shady. All you other slim shadies are immitating. So, would the real slim shady please stand up? Please stand up, please stand up."
    (download 97kb)
  14. Walter Koenig: "Captain, I wope he will welp arr vessel."
    Melllvar: "Wessel!"
    Walter Koenig: "Narn!"
    (download 35kb)
  15. Gas-Mom: "Melllvar! Dinner time!"
    Melllvar: "Nar, but mom! I'm playing with my collectables."
    Gas-Mom: "Now!"
    Melllvar: "Nar"
    (download 52kb)
  16. Fry: "All this time we thought he was a powerful super-being. Yet he was just a child ..."
    Gas-Mom: "He is not a child! He is thirty four ..."
    (download 47kb)
  17. Fry: "Melllvar has got a space ship!"
    Melllvar: "Yes, in mint condition. And you made me take it out of the package!"
    (download 41kb)
  18. Melllvar: "Well, I guess I could move out of my parents' basement ... maybe get a temp job.."
    Fry: "Whoa whoa, one step at a time!"
    (download 42kb)
  19. *The End Star Trek Theme*
    (download 177kb)

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