3001 actually 2404 ;)

The onion did an interview with all time Fox loverboy Mike Judge (creator of Beavis and Butthead and King of the hill):
O: You mentioned that you're working on a movie now. Is that 3001?

MJ: Yeah, although I'm not going to call it that. It's set more like 400 years in the future. There have been so many movies about people being frozen and waking up in the future. This is mine. Apparently, a bunch of Futurama nerds are pissed off, because that's the year in which that show is set. You know, neither of us invented guys getting frozen and waking up in the future. But I didn't mean to set it in 3001 anyway that was just a placeholder title.
There you have it, us futurama nerds were pissed off about the title and they listened. Read the full article here.

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Sci-fi museum opens in Seattle

For all us sci-fi geeks, a new museum is opening. Not a old dusty museum but a science fiction museum. Created with $20 million from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, the Science Fiction Museum opens June 18 in a remodeled section of his other museum - the Experience Music Project in Seattle. But here's a quote from Seattle Pi that justifies my posting about it here:
The museum explores developments in fictional space travel; one of the coolest sections is an interactive, computer-animated display that mimics a space station. Several ships float past, from the Enterprise and the Millennium Falcon to the Planet Express of the cartoon TV show "Futurama." Visitors can view images of the ships from any angle, learn about their dimensions and features, and see clips of them in action.
Read the full article here

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Futurama Season 4 in the US

Although we posted the date before, I recieved enough emails about it to tell you again: August 24th is when US Futurama fans can rejoice and add the final 18 episodes to their DVD collections. Amazon.com has the Season 4 DVD set up for preorders at 30% off ($34.99). Those infidels who aren't sure yet should be swayed by our EU version review and the accompanying user reviews.

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