Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection

If you hate switching from DVD to DVD while watching Futurama to get to your favorite episodes, well, then I have good news for you. Matt Groening and David X. Cohen have hand-picked their favorite Futurama episode from each of the four seasons and shoved them into a cute little one disk DVD titled "Futurama - Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection." Our inside source for the DVD is telling us the episodes are :

From Season 1: Hell is Other Robots
From Season 2: Anthology of Interest I
From Season 3: Roswell That Ends Well
From Season 4: The Sting

As of now the extras on the set are somewhat unknown. But there's some buzz that there will be an introduction to each episode by Matt Groening, and if this disk copies what Family Guy's version has, then it's possible the disk will have new commentaries and new bonus material that has been locked away from us fans.

The disk's price will range from $14.99 to $19.99, will be availble May 10th, and most likely only be available in R1 format.

Thanks to futufan and Kyle for this information, and Video Business Magazine (registration required) for the official release date.

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It's our 5th birthday

Yes, it's really our 5th birthday! I got the following mail from Jason Peavey who 5 years ago created CGEF with me:

Not many people realize this but today is CGEF's 5th anniversary, and I was thrilled at the opportunity to commemorate this event. When Andie and I first started this site on January 15, 2000, we had no idea what we were starting! What we wanted at the time was a mega-fansite to compete with a few other popular fansites at the time. Those sites aren't around anymore, needless to say!

There was a time when the site was in trouble with paying the hosting fees, and I was in over my head as a co-founder. I made the mistake of shutting CGEF down. Had it not been ressurrected by Andie, Marc, and Jon several months later, there probably wouldn't be a 5th anniversary. Yes, they have done a wonderful job in running this site, and they have exceeded my expectations in too many ways to count!

The real people we all should be thankful for, however, are YOU fans. After Fox axed Futurama, you continue to watch the reruns on Cartoon Network. You are buying the DVD boxed sets. You are reading the comic books. You are writing letters to Fox about your disgust for the cancellation. Futurama's fan base has breathed new life into the series with its fan art and fan fiction and various other contributions. YOU are keeping Futurama alive, and that is something to be very proud of. It's a long shot, but maybe with the return of "Family Guy" we may also (eventually) see the return of the series. But if not, we should be thankful that "Futurama" was a brilliant, hilarious, sci-fi sitcom from beginning to end.
So, let's celebrate!

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