Futurama on Comedy Central in 2008

The (subscription) media publication Variety and zap2it are reporting that Comedy Central is going to pick up all 72 existing Futurama episodes starting 2008 when Cartoon Networks' 5 year run ends. The new contract is said to be for 5 years again but this time comes at around $28m compared to rumoured $10m paid by Cartoon Network. If things stay as planned, Comedy Central wants to run Futurama weekdays at primetime.

That's 2 years to go but at least we know that Futurama won't just vanish from the air.

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Futurama Writers at Berkeley Math Talk

Dr. Sarah Greenwald is moderating a talk on the mathematics in Futurama and the Simpsons at UC Berkeley on Sunday, October 16th. Her guests will be three Futurama executive producers and writers with scientific backgrounds: David X. Cohen, Ken Keeler and Jeff Westbrook. Since it's open to the public, everybody is invited to attend at the Valley Life Sciences Building's Chan Shun Auditorium (Rm. 2050) starting at 2pm.

Update: Sarah let me know that David X. won't be able to make it. Ken and Jeff will still be there.

Update2: The Daily Californian has a first media account on the event.

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