Those crazy australians!

Imagine running into this original fellah when driving through your country Australian town. That's what happened to Darren, and he was kind enough to take a picture of it for us. If you are crazy enough to futurama'ize parts of your house, don't hesitate to email me the result

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Cohen's new Bastard Project

The Hollywood Reporter has a little post on David X. Cohen taking an executive producer role on a potential HBO series called "The Poor Bastard" after having served in the same position for Futurama over the past years.
If turned into reality, the show will be based on the semi-autobiographic comic book with the same title by Joe Matt. Besides Joe and David, Simpsons writer Donick Carey is working on the project.

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Futurama and Math

Some while ago, I reported on an article Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald was preparing with a little help of Tom Georgoulias and me. The article was called "Futurama πk - Mathematics in the Year 3000" and aimed at undergraduates getting into the field of mathematics. This month the Mathematical Association of America printed the article in its April edition of Math Horizon.

For those of you interested in the math and science background of Futurama but unwilling to leave the basement to check out the math department library, Sarah's SimpsonsMath site has a section on Futurama including a pdf of the 4 page article. Even though earthly boundaries kept it from covering everything mathematic in Futurama, it should be a nice primer for prospective nerds
The Futurama collectors might have some headache with this one though. As far as I know the magazine is subscription only.

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More fan art and rumours

Due to lack of proper futurama news we bring you more fan art Bryan Philips made Shion from Xenosaga based on Amy. It's pretty nice! I also got some big giant heads from Mushroom! Enjoy

Look what we found on Billy West's forum:
Billy West: Funny that you should be talking about this.I was out last night with a buddy in LA and I ran into Matt Groening.We talked about the cartoon network and he seems to get the impression that the CN is very interested in new stuff but FOX still calls the shots.We shall see.
CGEF still your #1 source for rumours

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Rumours Rumours!

I've been getting many emails from people asking about the Wired Article. We already mentioned this article in a previous post. For the time being there has been no other source confirming a possible comeback of futurama. I hope this post answered some of your questions.

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Wallpaper or 3D? what to choose!

I got some new Wallpapers for you guys, 2 of them are 3D wallpapers. The author of the waving bender (A. Lager) also asks if you want to see some other poses of him, so I advise you to put some in the comments

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Change In CN Schedule

According to a recent press release by Cartoon Network, the Adult Swim block "ranked #1 [among basic cable networks] in its time period for quarterly delivery of adults 18-34, 18-24 and men 18-34, 18-24". Much of that is probably due to the two former FOX shows. The block ratings also expanded by 14% among young adults (18-24) and by 20% in its 18-34 demo compared to last year.

Starting this coming week, Cartoon Network will resume showing Futurama as the Adult Swim anchor at 11PM, followed by Family Guy at 11:30PM. The late night rerurns for insomniacs are also pulled half an hour which brings them to 2AM.

In addition, wired mag is carrying a piece on CN head Mike Lazzo, in which reporter Rebecca Smith Hurd states "Futurama and Family Guy reruns did so well that it's likely both shows will produce new episodes". Since I got no other source on that, I'll assess this as "overenthusiastic editor" for now.

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