Futurama Season 4 DVD Contest

While the Europeans, the Australians and about everyone else on this planet have been playing their Futurama Season 4 DVDs back and forths for months now, the Northern Americans among us haven't been as lucky. But that's going to change on August 24th!

As with last season, we are having a trivia contest with 5 DVD sets as the prizes. The deadline is August 18th, so that the winners can still cancel their hopefully existing preorders on time.

And now, get guessing!

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Bender 2nd most popular robot.

BBC reports:
The diminutive 'droid, who starred in all five of the Star Wars films so far, beat the kleptomaniac, alcoholic robot Bender from animation Futurama.
read the whole article. Not so bad for a robot of some cancelled show, is it!

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Futurama nominated for 2 Emmys

Close to a year after the last fresh Futurama episode aired on FOX and even longer since it's been in production, Futurama nets two prime time Emmy nominations!

The first goes to "The Sting" by Patric Verrone. His contenders in the category of "Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less than One Hour)" are:

  • "Samurai Jack: The Birth of Evil" Cartoon Network
  • "The Simpsons: The Way We Weren't" Fox
  • "South Park: Christmas in Canada" Comedy Central
  • "SpongeBob SquarePants: SpongeBob BC" Nickelodeon

Last year The Simpsons won this one over Futurama's "Jurassic Bark".

The second award nomination for Futurama was probably no surprise: Ken Keeler's work for Futurama's final episode "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings" will be up against music from "The Fairly Odd Parents", "Sesame Street", "Until The Violence Stops" and yet again the Simpsons with "The President Wore Pearls".

Results should be in on Sunday, September 12th.

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Voice Artists at Work

"DarkMidnight4k" sent me a link to a 20 minute radio interview with Futurama voice actor Billy West. Got quite some talk about Futurama, too. So tune in.

Also, "Minhdzuy" tipped me off on John 'Bender' Dimaggio's newest video game appearance: Our lovable rascal is said to be Rhino on Spider Man 2. If anyone found a site with a trailer where you can hear him, drop me a mail

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Futurama Con? Nah.

Since 1999, Futurama has had a spot in the San Diego Comic-Con with panel discussions, episode viewings, and autograph signings. But this year there'll be a little less of the Future at Comic-Con. Futurama doesn't have a planned panel discussion, and Matt Groening might not even be attending the four-day event come July 22nd. The information is pretty sketchy at the moment, but there seems to be a Simpsons panel discussion happening at Comic-Con. This information isn't official, seeing as the official CC website doesn't give much information. But sources from the Simpsons production have said there will be a panel for the show.

If you're going to the Con whether or not Futurama or Matt G.'s going to be there, check out the Bongo Comics booth. Futurama writers/artists might be hanging out there signing whatever you have in your backpack. The Bongo booth normally has very rare Futurama and Bongo-related items for auction or sale, so be sure to take some extra cash.

Turns out Billy West, our beloved voice of Fry, Zoidberg, and Zapp, along with others, will infact be attending Comic-Con! He'll be sharing booth space with Steve Troop's MELONPOOL (Booth 1420) and will also be appearing on Mark Evanier's Cartoon Voice Actors panel (Saturday, July 24, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM / Room 6AB.)
Thanks to Ken and TVsEgon for the info.

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Small Adult Swim change

In case you wondered why Futurama was not on Cartoon Network at 11:00PM yesterday:
The show moved to 11:30PM during the weeks (minus Friday) and will be on at 11:00PM on Saturdays instead of Sundays.
Likewise, the repeat airs 3 hours later at 2:30AM Tuesday to Friday and 2:00AM on Sunday morning.

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