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Wizards announces that David X. Cohen will be Coming to Gen Con...
David X. Cohen, writer and producer for The Simpsons and executive producer for Futurama -- and a Dungeons & Dragons player -- will attend Gen Con as a guest of Wizards of the Coast. Mr. Cohen will participate in the D&D 30th Anniversary Celebrity Panel at 2:00 pm Friday afternoon, and sign autographs in the Wizards booth Friday at 11:00 am. In addition, he'll be enjoying the convention throughout the entire weekend -- perhaps you'll find yourself at the same gaming table!

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Season 4 DVD Contest Results

A mere six days to go until the release of the Futurama Vol 4 DVD set in the US and Canada. If you were one of the 1050 readers who entered the contest and one of the 354 who got all five answers right, you might find yourself in the following list of winners:
  • Anna Mo.
  • Alexander So.
  • Alexander Ian Wi.
  • Flavio A. Or.
  • Mark Ca.

Don't forget to answer the email you 5 will be getting.

For those suckers out there who didn't win, go over to amazon and buy it yourself, already!

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New Futurama paper

Futurama Comics #18
After defending their recently uninhabited world from alien invaders, Fry, Leela, and Bender set out to discover the whereabouts of their missing colleagues as well as billions of citizens from Planet Earth. But "where are they?" soon turns into "when are they?" and "how" and "why" also make a little appearance in Part 2 of "Time Bender Trilogy."

What I don't quite understand is why this issue is titled "part 2", since #16 was continued into #17 which continued into #18 which will continue into #19. So shouldnt #18 be the 3rd part? Ehm...
Either way, GO REVIEW IT!
Futurama Comics #19
Fry is caught in the midst of an interplanetary war, Leela has angered the gods in Ancient Greece, Bender is on trial in Salem, Mass., and the Planet Express crew along with Earth

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