Le Futurama Art

just recently is a new piece of Futurama Giclee* art. It depicts Fry running for
President of the United States of America against Nixon's head and a donkey. Bender
is in the crowd with a sign that reads "Fry: If you can't beat him, eat him!"
- such a lovable little rascal. Only 200 of these pieces were made, so it's
very limited. The print can be bought at Wonderful
World of Animation
for 125$ unframed.

*Giclee definition from WWOA's website: Giclees (j'clays) are the latest in reproduction animation
art. According to Linda Jones Enterprises (distributer of Chuck Jones' art),
the giclee is "a french word which means 'spray of ink'. Because no screens
are used, the prints have a higher apparent resolution than lithographs... more
than four million droplets per second... the prints are lush and velvety with
the feel and luminosity of a watercolour."

If you're interested in other Futurama art pieces, check out AdultSwim.com.
They have numerous Futurama art items including 8 different Giclee's, 23 production
drawings, and two limited edition photos (don't ask, you'll have to see for
yourself) - which range from 150$ to 500$.

Anyone want to get me the debate giclee for x-mas? : )

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David on Grandmaster Freak

Looks like some people on here were having sacrilegious feelings while reading about David Cohen's new project yesterday. Evil people! After repenting for a while, see what David X. has got to say:
Hello, all!

David X. Cohen here. I just wanted to reassure everyone that even if my new show "Grandmaster Freak & The Furious 15" gets on the air (always a long shot in this business), I will never stop lobbying to bring Futurama back -- unless it does come back, in which case I will stop lobbying for it to come back. This doesn't put any new nails in Futurama's coffin; at the same time, it doesn't pry out any nails that were already there. I guarantee you that if FOX is interested in bringing Futurama back, Matt Groening & I will find a way. In fact, if FOX ends up paying me to do another show, then if anything it might make it more economical for them to bring Futurama back.

The new pilot is an idea I've been working on for over a year. Obviously it's completely different from Futurama, but I am very excited about it. It's based somewhat on my own school years... I grew up in Englewood, New Jersey, in the time and place where the show is set (the early-to-mid 1980's). Englewood was home of Sugar Hill records, where many early rap hits were recorded.
I have long been a rap fan, and especially a fan of Ice Cube, so I approached him to see if he was interested in being involved... and he was. The show is not actually about music; it's about the intertwined daily lives and adventures of the many odd characters in the show. We are not currently planning musical performances in every episode, as the Variety article said, though there will be music when relevant to the episode.

The Variety article leaked out early, hence there were no comments from me or FOX that might have better explained some of it.

If I can quote Matt Groening for a moment: When executives told Matt that they had expected Futurama to be more like the Simpsons, he replied, "It's just
like the Simpsons -- new and original."

I'll try my best to make the same apply here!


OK, so maybe I was a bit concerned too since I wasn't really into that or any kind of music around the early 80s. But if it turns out to mostly be the backdrop of the series, all is fine. I just hope it will be branded/advertized carefully by FOX in order to not put off the "rap is stupid"-people before even seeing it.
We know who's behind this show and should - if anything - not hold that against Grandmaster Freak in a "it's not Futurama" way. It isn't Futurama, but it's also not aiming at replacing Futurama.

In related news: An extended article on MTV.com.

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Cohen exec-producing new Project

According to a Variety news item Futurama executive producer and co-creator David X. Cohen is working on a new animated TV show for FOX.

The half-hour "Grandmaster Freak & the Furious 15" will be centered around a 17 year old rap crew leader in Englewood, N.J. around the year 1982.

If the pilot ordered by the network and written by David is successful in convincing FOX to order a first season, they hope to have a musical performance in every episode.

Executive producer Ice Cube will likely voice some character on the show, albeit not "Grandmaster Freak" himself.

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The Groening Dance

Ever wonder how Matt Groening got the idea for the Simpsons and Futurama? Well now thanks to adult swim dot com, you're able to learn how... In the form of dancing! Or rather, performance art. Check out the very interesting RealMedia file of The Groening Dance by clicking here.

Thanks to RavenStar from our chatroom and peel for the link.

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You cheap bastards!

For all you unlucky people who don't own a futurama season 1 dvd box in R1 format (US, Canada), it is about time you get one... Season I dvd box costs only $14.99 at the moment, which is an all low for the futurama dvd box!

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FryScape: Episode I

As you probably have read on PEEL, a spare time development team calling themselves the Fighting Mongooses have published their first demo version of a Futurama game made by fans for Futurama fans. The game only includes one room with limited functionalities for now. You can download it (15MB) and read up on latest developments.

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Futurama Comics #19

Now available at MileHighComics.com and most comic book stores is Futurama Comics #19. This is the final part to the Bender Trilogy.
Fry is caught in the midst of an interplanetary war, Leela has angered the gods in Ancient Greece, Bender is on trial in Salem, Mass., and the Planet Express crew along with Earth's entire population have been transported back to the Age of Dinosaurs. Will the world ever get back to normal, or is everyone totally boned? Find out in the exciting, time-bending conclusion of Bongo's biggest and best ever "thrill"-ogy! The end is near this September!
Got it? Read it? Review it. While you're at it, make a review for the Futurama Adventures paperback.

Also, check out an interview with John Denaley of Futurama comics at A Big Piece Of Garbage.

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