Comic #21 cover

I have here for you a cover scan of Futurama Comics #21, which will hit comic shops late September. Thanks to Donald for emailing me the link to this pretty neat image involving Fry's mouth.

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Beware of the IMDb...

I'm getting more and more emails about IMDb "confirming" that the straight to DVD movie is going ahead. At first it only was the release date they listed (2007) and now, that they published a plot line.

The plot summary on there was made up and submitted by the user Smitty on PEEL to prove that anything can get published on IMDb. Unless Groening and Cohen came up with the same idea, that plotline is NOT LEGIT as far as we know.

When we get actual confirmation from sources to be trusted, we'll let you know...

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Monster Fun DVD Contest Results

Our Futurama Monster Fun DVD contest just came to a close. Out of a total of 1,673 submissions around 60% got all the answers right. Out of those, the seven lucky ones are (names have been abbreviated such that there are no ambiguities):
  • Andy Bu.-We.
  • Alex Le.
  • Burt Ho.
  • Matt Sco.
  • Kevin Gr.
  • Jeff Mo.
  • Christy Be.

Congratulations! All seven winners have been contacted via email and are asked to respond as soon as possible.

For the rest, read our review again and consider getting a copy yourself.

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Monster Fun DVD Contest

The American release of the Futurama Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection DVD is coming closer. For those low on money or just freeloaders in general, we have good news! We are dishing out seven of the DVDs to seven lucky Futurama fans who make it through a trivia quiz by the 17th of August. Head over to the quiz page for the rules.

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