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CGEF Games

Monkey Fracas Jr.

Game type : Evading Obstacles

Storyline : This is the game that fry was playing in the first episode, you have to evade the planets that you pass and finally you have to beat the monkey on a planet.
Space Invaders 3000 (1)

Game type : Shooting

Storyline : You have to shoot the enemies that come on your screen with the shooter, you can't move it, so you have to wait till the ships pass. It's a pretty simple game :)
Space Invaders 3000 II

Game type : Shooting/Evading

Storyline :
This game has a total other gameplay and story than the first Space Invaders, the planet express ship is send out to wipe out the Omicron danger. You have to watch out for the enemies weapons, because this time they shoot back
(*) This game is a 16Bit game so it might be hard to close in NT based systems like 2000. End task will do the trick :)
Space Invaders 3000 III

Game type : Shooting/Evading

Storyline :
After last game the omicrons were defeated and they returned to their planet, Ordered by Zapp Brannigan the PE ship is once more called into battle with the omicronians, but now in their space. The game is basicly the same but with some GFX improvements and more gameplay
Police Patrol 3000

Game type : Snake

Storyline :
The police is looking for benders antenna, collect them all so bender can find his. This game was made the same day as Space Invaders 3000 I, it's not very advanced and will run TOO fast on higher processors.
Sperm Rider (updated)

Game type : Jumping

Storyline :
Hehe, don't ask me to think a story for this game :) Use your imagination. You have to dodge fireballs with zoidberg riding sperm.
Last Nibbler Hero - On Vergon 6

Game type : Platform/Jumping

Storyline :
Nibbler is lost in the jungle of vergon 6, help him defeat strange slugs by jumping over them. Finally you'll have to defeat bender who wants to cook you and get to leela, who will save you from the planet.
Last Nibbler Hero - El Chupenibre

Game type : Platform/Jumping

Storyline :
You've been flushed down the toilet by bender, and you ended up in the sewers, try getting to the last level where you will encounter the beast of the sewers. This game was a major improvement on the last game, it had better gfx, better gameplay and a catchy tune.
Last Nibbler Hero - Xmas Frenzy

Game type : Platform/Jumping

Storyline :
Made for Xmas 2000 :) it's a lovable game, where our hero nibbler finds himself on ice trying to evade new enemies. Even though this is a Xmas edition, it is 10 times better than the 2 previous ones. The first level has a bug in it, but it's just an intro level anyway.
Space Invaders 3000 : Multiplayer

Game type : Multiplayer

Storyline :
No storyline, just shoot the crap out of eachother
(*) This game is a 16Bit game so it might be hard to close in NT based systems like 2000. End task will do the trick :)
Omicron Invaders

Game type : Click&Shoot

Storyline :
This is a side game of Space Invaders, the omicronians have entered Earth orbit and are going to attack us, shoot them before they land.
(*) This game is a 16Bit game so it might be hard to close in NT based systems like 2000. End task will do the trick :)
Zoidberg Extreme skiing

Game type : Jump&Evade

Storyline :
You're zoidberg trying to go downhill, try avoiding crashing into the fences. Have fun. Press shift to jump.
Owl Pest

Game type : Shoot 'em down

Storyline :
The owl pest has gone from bad to worse, it's time to take action and shoot them all :)
Space Invaders 3K : Multiplayer X

Game type : Internet Multiplayer

Storyline :
This first try of an internet multiplayer is limited but it can be very fun to play over the internet or networks. 2 Player maximum.
Space Invaders 3000 IV

Game type : Shooting/Evading

Storyline :
This game has the same story line as Space Invaders 3K II, it's a total remake of that game, it has 3D images and totally new features not seen in SI3K II and III. Read the readme.txt
Anthology Of Interest : PacMan

Game type : Pac man

Storyline :
Try for a pac man styled futurama game based on AOI II. (only 1 level)

Anthology Of Interest : Space Invaders

Game type : Shooting/Evading

Storyline :
Space invaders game from Anthology Of Interest II. It's nothing big like my real Space Invaders games but it's fun for a couple of minutes :).(only 1 level)



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