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Episode Sounds: 2ACV07 - Put your Head on my Shoulder

  1. Lincoln: "Fourscore and eleven hundred and forty-five years ago our forefathers' foreheads conceived a new nation."
    Washington: "And this Presidents' Day we honor those values that my body fought and died for."
    Eddie: "Values like this brand new Plymouth V'Ger! Hi, I'm Malfunctioning Eddie. And I'm malfunctioning so badly, I'm practically giving these cars away!"
    (download 189kb)
  2. Sales Person: "Nothing makes you feel more like a man than a Thundercougarfalconbird. So how much were you thinking of spending on this Thundercougarfalconbird?"
    Fry: "Sorry, I'm not here to buy."
    Sales Person: "I understand and it's wonderful that you don't care whether anyone questions your sexual orientation."
    Fry: "I care! I care plenty! I just dunno how to make them stop!"
    Sales Person: "One word: Thundercougarfalconbird."
    (download 123kb)
  3. Bender: "You, sir, have defaced a national treasure. I demand you restore my buttocks to their former glory!"
    Repairman: "All right. But sooner or later that ass is gonna blow. And when it does, I just pray you're not mooning someone you care about!"
    (download 122kb)
  4. Victor: "No dog food for Victor tonight!"
    (download 19kb)
  5. Fry: "Hey, tell me something. You've got all this money. How come you always dress like you're doing your laundry?"
    Amy: "I guess cause my parents keep telling me to be more ladylike. As though!"
    Fry: "I've been there. My folks were always on me to groom myself and wear underpants. What am I, the pope?"
    (download 100kb)
  6. Amy: "We ran out of fuel on Mercury and one thing led to another."
    Fry: "Then it led there again when we got home!"
    Both: *giggling laugh*
    Leela: *sigh*
    Bender: "Congratulations, Fry. You snagged a perfect girlfriend. Amy is rich, she's probably got other characteristics..."
    Leela: "Bender! Romance isn't about money!"
    Bender: "Oh, so it's just coincidence that Zoidberg here is desperately poor and miserably lonely? Pulease..."
    Leela: "For your information. It's because he's hideous."
    Zoidberg: "Aww."
    (download 207kb)
  7. Zoidberg: "I'd pay anything to end my miserable loneliness. If only I weren't so desperately poor..."
    Bender: "Wait. You mean people would pay good money for romance? Hmm. I think I have a scheme so deviously clever that I..."
    Judge: *cut* "Five hundred dollars and time served!"
    Bender: "Stupid anti-pimping laws!"
    (download 76kb)
  8. Fry: "Everything was going great! Then all out of a sudden, she's talking about hanging out. Hanging out?! She's getting way too serious. I'm not a one woman man, Leela."
    Leela: "You'll be back to zero soon enough."
    Fry: "Don't you get it? She's smothering me!"
    Amy: "Hi."
    Fry: "You see? You see?! Now she's bothering me when I'm at work!"
    Leela: "Fry..."
    Fry: "I'm doing my job... there's Amy. I spend a few hours selecting a candy from the machine... there's Amy. I wake up the morning after sleeping with Amy... there's Amy!"
    (download 178kb)
  9. Fry: "Amy, you know how at first you like chocolate, but then you start to get tired of it because it always wants to hang out with you?"
    Amy: "Huh? You don't like chocolate?"
    Fry: "Look, could chocolate just let me finish?"
    (download 65kb)
  10. Bender: "I'm telling you. Losers get really desperate around Valentine's Day."
    Leela: "Yeah. It's pathetic alright."
    (download 45kb)
  11. Bender: "I got your hook-up, Fry. Now my usual fee is 500 bucks. But seeing how it's you, I'll need it in advance."
    (download 49kb)
  12. Amy: "Ok, Fry. We're done putting on the bra."
    Fry: "Why exactly did you shave your legs anyway? Are you expect something to happen with your Valentine's date?"
    Amy: "What business is that of yours?"
    Fry: "And another thing. You're use an awful lot of make-up there."
    Amy: "This is deodorant."
    Fry: "What does it do?"
    Amy: *door rings* "Come on in Gary! I'll just be another 20 minutes."
    Gary: "I'll be waiting!"
    Fry: "Twenty minutes?! You're practically ready now!"
    Amy: "Yeah, but it's good to make them wait a little."
    Fry: "Oh God! It's true!"
    (download 190kb)
  13. Bender: "Leela, meet your future husband, Sal."
    Sal: "Iee. Nice eye ball, eye ball."
    Leela: "Nice ass, ass."
    Bender: "Ooh, sparks."
    (download 57kb)
  14. Farnsworth: "I still don't understand why you wouldn't let me craft a laser cannon onto your chest to crush those who disobey you ... But I guess we're just too different people."
    (download 84kb)
  15. Zoidberg: "Vroom. Vroom. And the winner of the big car race is: Hot rod Zoidberg!"
    (download 61kb)

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