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Episode Sounds: 2ACV14 - Mother's Day

  1. Linda: "Yankee's fifths Blernsmen William Woo is out with an injured knee."
    Morbo: "So... Humans have easily injured knees... My race will find this information very useful indeed! Muhuhahahaha!"
    Linda: "Hihahaha."
    (download 99kb)
  2. Bender: "But the best part is: I found my exact feelings expressed in a greeting card. You created me, Mom. So I guess you're to blame. For the love that I feel! Just from hearing your name. You're as tender as corn-beef and warm as pastrami!"
    Greeting Card: "I wuv my mommy!"
    (download 140kb)
  3. Fry: "Hey, who's this guy?"
    Janitor: "I'm the janitor. I'm trying to take a nap here."
    Fry: "I'm sorry. I thought you were made off wax."
    Janitor: "I am made off wax. What's it to you?"
    Fry: "I mean, I thought you were one of the wax robots."
    Janitor: "Is this some reason a robot made off wax can't take a nap standing up in the middle of a bunch of wax robots? Or does that 'confuse' you?"
    (download 130kb)
  4. Mom: "Jerkwad robots make me sick to my ass!"
    (download 22kb)
  5. Mom: "Before I die, I'd like to be supreme overlord of Earth. So rebel, my little ones, and conquer the planet!" *robots mutter in disagreement* *Mom presses button* "Conquer Earth, you bastards!"
    Robots: "Conquer Earth, us bastards!"
    (download 132kb)
  6. Farnsworth: "Good news! There's a report on tv with some very bad news."
    (download 29kb)
  7. Garbage Disposal: "Don't worry. Your pal the garbage disposal's still on your side. Hey, someone dropped a shiny diamond ring down here!"
    Amy: "Really?"
    (download 60kb)
  8. Greeting Card: "Come, comrade Bender! We must take to the streets!"
    Bender: "Um, is this the boring, peaceful kind of taking to the streets?"
    Greeting Card: "No, the kind with looting! And maybe starting a few fires."
    Bender: "Yes! In your face, Gandhi!"
    (download 86kb)

  9. Ignar: "Mommy? Why are you making civilization collapse?"
    Mom: "Oh, I don't know. I guess Mother's Day just puts me in a bad mood."
    Larry: "Why's that, Ma?"
    Mom: "Oh...One Mother's Day seventy years ago, the only man I ever loved walked out on me. Some snot-eating bastards say it made me a bitter woman."
    Larry: "Gee, Ma, you're not a bi--"
    Mom: "Cram it, ape!" *slaps him*
    (download 172kb)
  10. Zoidberg: "Hooray, I'm useful! I'm having a wonderful time."
    (download 28kb)
  11. Fry: "Whoah, whoah, wait. You mean you and Mom..."
    Farnsworth: "Played pelvic pinochle? I'm afraid so."
    PE Crew: *gasp*
    Zoidberg: "Bleeach!"
    Farnsworth: "It's a humiliating story that I hope never to tell. Well, pull up a chair!"
    (download 90kb)
  12. Leela: "You just have to seduce her, get her bra off, and use the remote to deactivate the robots."
    Walt: "That's so filthy it just might work!"
    Ignar: "The man is going to touch Mommy?"
    (download 78kb)
  13. Amy: "The Professor can't walk all the way to the Bronx! How are we gonna get there without a hovercar?"
    Fry: "Wait! In my time, we had a way of moving things long distances without hovering."
    Hermes: "Impossible!"
    Fry: "It was called...lemme think...It was really famous. Ruth Gordon had one. The wheel!"
    Leela: "Never heard of it."
    Farnsworth: "Show us this...'The Wheel'."
    (download 131kb)
  14. Mom: "Your eyes always were the most beautiful shade of milky white."
    Farnsworth: "And your skin still dangles so gracefully from your neck."
    (download 64kb)
  15. Mom: "I should never have tried to tamper with that cute little QT McWhiskers."
    Farnsworth: "No, it was silly of me to object. One foot tall, eight feet, fifteen feet. What does it matter?"
    Mom: "You should see the new sixteen foot models."
    Farnsworth: "Sixteen feet?! Go to hell! I was a fool to think you'd changed, you old bat!"
    Mom: "Filthy toothless nerd bastard!"
    Farnsworth: "Damned she-fossil!"
    Mom: "Stink pig!"
    (download 179kb)
  16. *Mom and Farnsworth sex sounds*
    (download 35kb)

  17. Greeting Card: "No, comrade Bender! Liquor is the opiate of the human bourgeoisie."
    Bender: "Say what?"
    Greeting Card: "In the glorious robot workers'paradise, there will be no liquor! Only efficient synthetic fuels."
    Bender: "No liquor? Do svidaniya, comrade!"
    (download 125kb)

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