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Episode Sounds: 2ACV16 - Anthology of Interest I

  1. Bender: "Ooh, ooh- I wanna axe it a question. As a robot living among humans I've never really felt accepted at parties or nude beaches. So, I've always secretly wondered: What if I was 500ft tall?"
    (download 109kb)
  2. Hermes: "We're jerked. Nothing can stop a monster that big!"
    Farnsworth: "Nothing except an even equally big monster!"
    (download 43kb)
  3. Zoidberg: *sniff* *sniff* *sniff* "What's this? Two meals in one week?"
    Guinea Pig: *squeak*
    Gang: "Gotcha! Sucker!"
    Zoidberg: "Friends, help! A guinea pig tricked me!"
    (download 85kb)
  4. Bender: "Bite my colossal metal ass!"
    (download 20kb)
  5. Bender: "I came here with a simple dream. A dream of killing all humans. And this is how it must end? Who's the real 7 billion ton robot monster here? Not I, not I..."
    Fry: "Good night, sweet prince."
    (download 220kb)
  6. Speaker: "Interesting stuff! Stay tuned for more ... Tales of Interest!"
    (download 54kb)
  7. Leela: "Make that machine show me what would happen if I was a little more impulsive. Just a little. Not too much."
    (download 53kb)
  8. Leela: "Hey, guys! Look what I bought on a wild impulse: New boots! They're like my old ones but with a crazy green stripe! Whoo! Never know what I'm gonna do next!"
    (download 76kb)
  9. (man-eating anteater mauling sounds in background)
    Farnsworth: "Ohhh! You've killed me! You've killed me!"
    Leela: "Oh, god. What have I done?"
    Farnsworth: "I just told you. You've killed me!"
    (download 96kb)
  10. Hermes: "Sweet giant anteater of Santa Anita. The Professor's been eaten by giant anteaters!"
    Leela: "Whoa?"
    Zoidberg: "What?"
    Hermes: "If you ask me, it's mighty suspicious. I'm gonna call the police... right after I flush some things."
    (download 85kb)
  11. (gruesome flesh hacking sounds in background. Hermes screaming)
    Zoidberg: "Alright, anteater number one. Who are you protecting? Is it anteater number two? Don't stick your tongue out at me! I need a name!"
    Anteater 1: *growl*
    Zoidberg: "What? How do you spell that?"
    Hermes: "What are you hacking off? Is it my torso? It is! My precious torso!"
    Zoidberg: "Hermes, quiet! I'm deducing things."
    (download 169kb)
  12. Bender: "There's nothing wrong with murder. Just as long as you let Bender wet his beak."
    Leela: "You're blackmailing me?"
    Bender: "Blackmail is such an ugly word. I prefer extortion. The x makes it sound cool."
    (download 72kb)
  13. Leela: "I don't know what came over me. I killed one person on impulse. Then I had to kill another, and another!"
    Fry: "Well, that covers the first 3 killings!"
    (download 55kb)
  14. Fry: "Um, I have a question. What if Bender was really giant?"
    Leela: "You idiot. We already saw that."
    Fry: "I know. I liked it. I wanna see it again."
    Farnsworth: "We're not seeing it again. Ask something less stupid!"
    (download 70kb)
  15. Fry: "Who are you people?"
    Al Gore: "I'm Al Gore. And these are my vice presidential action rangers. A groupd of top-nerds whose sole duty is to prevent disruptions in the space-time continuum."
    Fry: "I thought your sole duty was to cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate."
    Al Gore: "That, and protect the space-time continuum. Read the Constitution."
    (download 124kb)
  16. Al Gore: "To my left you'll recognize Gary Gygax, inventor of Dungeons & Dragons."
    Gary Gygax: "Greetings! It's a" *rolls dice* "pleasure to meet you!"
    (download 57kb)
  17. Fry: "Where am I, anyway?"
    Nichelle Nichols: "You're travelling in a specially equipped terrestrial transport module."
    Gary Gygax: "A school bus!"
    (download 43kb)
  18. Nichelle Nichols: "It's about that rip in space-time that you saw!"
    Stephen Hawking: "I call it a Hawking Hole."
    Fry: "No fair! I saw it first!"
    Stephen Hawking: "Who is the Journal of Quantum Physics going to believe?"
    (download 73kb)
  19. Al Gore: "If we don't go back there and make the event happen, the entire universe will be destroyed. And as an environmentalist, I'm against that."
    (download 65kb)
  20. Stephen Hawking: "Great. The entire universe was destroyed."
    Fry: "Destroyed? Then where are we now?"
    Al Gore: "I don't know. But I can darn well tell you where we're not: The universe!"
    Nichelle Nichols: *sigh* "Eternity with nerds. It's the Pasadena Star Trek convention all over again."
    Gary Gygax: "Anyone wanna play Dungeons & Dragons for the next quadrillion years?"
    Nichelle Nichols: "Sure, I guess"
    Stephen Hawking: "Yes, please."
    Deep Blue: "Pawn to rook A."
    Al Gore: "I'm a tenth level vice president!"
    (download 170kb)

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