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Episode Sounds: 2ACV18 - The Honking

  1. Farnsworth: "It has motorized sensors attached to motion detectors."
    Bender: "So does my butt, but I don't put it on my wall. Although..."
    (download 61kb)

  2. Lazy dude Sal: "Gets outta here, youse lousy bum!"
    Bender: "Please, I'm scared."
    Lazy Dude Sal: "We're all scared! It's the human condition. Why do ya thinks I put on this tough-guy facade? Now beat it!"
    (download 81kb)

  3. Bender: "B-E-N-D-E-R, Beeender! B-E-N-D-E-R, Beeender! Sayin' B-E-N Der..."

  4. (download 97kb)

  5. Hermes: "Mail call! Amy, here's your Designer Lingerie Catalogue. Fry, Sadie's Bra Parade. And Leela, Bulk Underpants Outlet."
    Leela: "Buy one pound of underwear and you're on their list forever."
    (download 90kb)

  6. Bender: "Oh no, my uncle Vladimir!"
    Fry: "Aw, I'm sorry, Bender. When's the funeral?"
    Bender: "Tomorrow at the family castle, followed by the reading of his will. Well, I'm rich. Goodbye losers, whom I've always hated!"
    (download 106kb)

  7. Leela: "Would you like us to put you out of your misery?"
    Werecar: "Misery? What misery? I love killing people, squishing 'em til their organs squirt out like chunky mustard!"
    Bender: "Look, everyone loves killing people, but I don't wanna hurt my friends."
    Fry: "Hm."
    (download 110kb)

  8. Fry: "Bender's supposed to murder his best friend, which I thought was me. He didn't even try to second-degree murder me!"
    Leela: "Could you give me some help? I think Bender crushed my foot."
    Fry: "Stop rubbing it in!"
    (download 80kb)

  9. Farnsworth: "The circuit diagram is right in the inside of your case."
    Robot: "I choose to believe what I was programmed to believe!"
    (download 54kb)

  10. Robot1: "Some say unholy things happen up there!"
    Robot2: "For example, all of us say that."
    Farnsworth: "Pfft, superstitious robot mumbo jumbo."
    Robot2: "Mumbo, perhaps. Jumbo, perhaps not. With all your modern science, are you any closer to understanding the mystery of how a robot walks or talks?"
    Farnsworth: "Yes you idiot!"
    (download 152kb)

  11. Bender: "Fry, it doesn't mean anything. I have love enough for two."
    Fry: "Words! Nothing but sweet, sweet words that turn into bitter orange wax in my ears."
    (download 66kb)

  12. Gypsy: "You have nothing to worry about. Except a nightmarish life of unremitting horror."
    Bender: "Pfew!"
    Gypsy: "For you see, you are a werecar."
    (download 65kb)

  13. Lawyer: "To my loyal butler, "You There", for his decades of service, I leave a pittance to be paid in 20 equal installments of one twentieth of a pittance each. To my lazy spoiled son Tandy, who never learned the value of a dollar, I leave my entire million dollar fortune."
    Tandy: "Is that a lot?"
    Lawyer: "And to my loving nephew Bender, assuming he's not responsible for my death, I leave my castle."
    Bender: "Let's stay there tonight!"
    Lawyer: "On condition he stays there one night."
    Bender: "Aw, there's always a catch!"
    (download 253kb)

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