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Episode Sounds: 3ACV07 - When the Earth stood stupid

  1. Farnsworth: "First price is 500 Dollars and a year's supply of dog food!"
    Bender: "500 Dollars you say?"
    Zoidberg: "Dog food you say?"
    (download 64kb)
  2. Hypnotoad: *buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*
    (download 72kb)
  3. Zoidberg: "Forgive me my friend!"
    Bender: "Never!" *whip slash*
    (download 19kb)
  4. Jury Guy: "All glory to the hypnotoad." *claps hands*
    (download 25kb)
  5. Fry: "Looks like this planet is next in line."
    Leela: "That's Earth!" [pause] "The planet we live on?"
    (download 39kb)
  6. Leela: "Am I going crazy? Have my years of wild hedonism finally caught up with me?"
    (download 34kb)
  7. Bender: "Fry! Help me! My heart stopped beating!"
    Fry: "You don't have a heart. You're a robot."
    Bender: "Sure. Right. Robot. Ohhh Fry, my skin's all dry and clanky."
    Fry: "Well yeah ... robots are made off metal?"
    Bender: "AM I a robot?"
    Fry: "Bender, if this is some kind of scam, I don't get it. You already have my power of attorney."
    (download 141kb)
  8. Farnsworth: "Ow, ow, ow, I'm a genius! Ow, ow."
    (download 35kb)
  9. Zoidberg: "Zoiby want balloon! Want balloon now! Zoiby want go outside!"
    Fry: "Grrr, I just let you back in!"
    (download 50kb)
  10. Leela: "How did the universe begin?"
    Nibbler: *Nibblonian sounds*
    Leela: "Then the meaning of existence..."
    Nibbler: *meep*
    Leela: "So every religion is wrong!"
    (download 86kb)
  11. Morbo: "Morbo can't understand his TelePrompTer. He forgot how you say that letter that looks like a man with a hat."
    Linda: "It's a T, it goes tah."
    Morbo: "Hello little man. I WILL DESTROY YOU!"
    Fry: "Man, even the news-monster is acting strange!"
    (download 103kb)
  12. Fry: "What are we gonna do?"
    Farnsworth: "Duh, I know. Let's play the lottery!"
    Amy: "No! Let's buy internet stock!"
    Zoidberg: "On Margin. Zoiby wanna buy on margin."
    Hermes: "Look at me, I'm invisible!"
    Fry: "Wait a minute. I know what's going on here. You've all become idiots."
    Bender: "Hey, let's all join the reform party!"
    All but Fry: *yahoo, hooray!*
    (download 140kb)
  13. Leela: "Awwwhaha, you're all so cute!"
    Nibblonian: "No we're not. We Nibblonians are an ancient and powerful race. Behold! When the universe was forged in the crucible of the Big Bang, our mighty race was already 17 years old."
    Leela: "Awwwhhaha"
    Nibblonian: "Grrrr"
    (download 116kb)
  14. Nibblonian: "Thus they travel from world to world. Making everyone stupid in order to wipe out all thought in the universe.!"
    Leela: "Wipe out all thought? My God! They're like flying televisions!"
    (download 75kb)
  15. Brain: "What do you want?"
    Fry: "I'm here to kick your ass!"
    Brain: "Wishful thinking. We have long since evolved beyond the need for asses."
    (download 51kb)

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