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Episode Sounds: 3ACV12 - The Route of All Evil

  1. Bender: "Ahh! Beer. So many choices. And it makes so little difference."
    Fry: "How about Lobrau? It has dots on it."
    Bender: "Overruled! The choice of champions is Pabst's Blue Robot."
    Fry: "I can't drink that. The metal shavings make my throat bloody"
    Bender: "Well, well, baby wants a Zima."
    Leela: "Hey, hey. We can all fight when we are drunk. Now listen. Why don't we just brew our own beer?"
    Bender: "You can brew your own beer?"
    Leela: "Sure. The kids at the orphanarium used to do it all the time."
    (download 204kb)
  2. Hermes: "Cursed bacteria of Liberia. My own son suspended from boarding school."
    Dwight: "It's not my fault, dad!"
    Farnsworth: "And you, Cubert. I cloned you from one of my warts and I can send you straight back in there!"
    Cubert: "Nuh uh."
    (download 89kb)
  3. Cubert: "See? That bully started it. We couldn't fight back with brawn, so we used our brains!"
    Farnsworth: "I warned you not to use those things!"
    (download 53kb)
  4. Cubert: "Well, well. If it isn't my old friends ... stretch pants ... no pants ... and ... idiot!"
    (download 54kb)
  5. Dwight: "I heard alcohol makes you stupid."
    Fry: "No, I'm ... doesn't..."
    Leela: "Actually, Dwight. You are right. Alcohol is very very bad. For children. But once you turn 21 it becomes very very good. So scram!"
    (download 100kb)
  6. Cubert as Farnsworth: "Good news everyone! I'm a horse's butt!"
    Farnsworth: "I am? That's not good news at all you little ..."
    Cubert as Farnsworth: "Whahaha"
    (download 50kb)
  7. Farnsworth: "I'm blowing you a kiss!"
    Cubert: "Ahh! Take evasive action!"
    Farnsworth: "It's closing in! You can't avoid it! It's a cheek seeker! Annnnnd... Gotcha!"
    Cubert: "Noooo!"
    (download 125kb)
  8. Hermes: "I don't even know who this guy is!"
    Scruffy: "I'm Scuffy, the janitor."
    Farnsworth: "Yes, of course you are. Now we got to buckle down and save Planet Express!"
    Scruffy: "I'm on break." *chips crunching*
    (download 130kb)
  9. Hermes: "Sweet guinea pig of Winnipeg! They've taken over our company!"
    Farnsworth: "Boulderdash! I never agreed to that!"
    Dwight: "No, but you did declare yourself dead three years ago as a tax dodge."
    Farnsworth: "Tax dodge nothing! You take one nap in a ditch in the park and they start declaring you this and that!"
    Cubert: "Either way, I technically inherit your building and your space ship. Which means Planet Express is now ... Awesome Express!"
    (download 176kb)
  10. Dwight: "We just .. wanted you to be proud of us."
    Hermes: "Proud of you? You ruined us with sleazy business practices and a complete disregard for human decency. Of course we are proud of you!"
    Farnsworth: "Damn right we are! Now come on. Let's go do a little father-son weaseling out of this."
    (download 121kb)
  11. Hermes: "What do we do if we break somebody's window?"
    Dwight: "Pay for it?"
    Hermes: "O hohoho, heavens no. We apologize. With nice cheap words."
    (download 60kb)
  12. Hermes: "I'm sure his father is a perfectly normal, reasonable man."
    Blob: "What the hell do you want!"
    Farnsworth: "Mr Blob. Our sons have come to apologize for damaging your window. They've learned their lessons and they want to make amends."
    Boys: "Sorry sir, yeah, sorry."
    Blob: "You can shover your apology into your bottom of your one way digestive system."
    Farnsworth: "Now see here. We assured our sons that you'd accept their apology."
    Blob: "Aww, tell you what... I'll accept their apology when they kiss my ass! Which I don't have! Muhahaha."
    (download 239kb)
  13. Cubert: "You are the bravest dads in the entire trauma center!"
    Dwight: "You guys almost had them! Until they digested you." *hugs dad*
    Hermes: "Aww, you're good kids. If I could feel anything right now, it would be pride. Boys: *hug dads* Hermes: "AAAAAHHH! I was wrong! I can still feel pain!"
    (download 117kb)

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