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Episode Sounds: 3ACV17 - A Pharaoh to Remember

  1. Hermes: "Holy Spitz! He's sportin' skin-tight speedos!"
    Amy: "They don't leave much to the imagination."
    Hermes: "Actually, on a robot they sorta do."
    (download 51kb)
  2. Scruffy: "Boy, I've never seen him so down. Or ever before."
    (download 27kb)
  3. Crew: "Surprise!"
    Fry: "Happy funeral, Bender!"
    Bender: "A surprise funeral? For me?"
    (download 48kb)
  4. Zoidberg: "Ohhh Dannyboy! The pipes! The pipes are calling!"
    Bender: "Whoyboy?"
    Zoidberg: "From gland to gland and down ..."
    Bender: "Dannyboy?? You are at my funeral singing about some dead stiff named Dannyboy?? You really are a massive bonehead!"
    Zoidberg: "I'm expressing my sorrow!"
    Bender: "Get lost!"
    (download 163kb)
  5. Bender: "You've succeeded in convincing me life is worth living. By showing how bad my funeral will suck!"
    (download 44kb)
  6. Fry: "You know the worst thing about being a slave? They make you work but they don't pay you or let you go..."
    Leela: "That's the only thing about being a slave."
    (download 49kb)
  7. Fry: "This place is just like the ancient Egypt of my days!"
    Curator: "That is no coincidence. For our people visited your Egypt thousands of years ago."
    Fry: "I know it! Insane theories: One! Regular theories a billion."
    Curator: "We learned many thing from the mighty Egypts. Such as pyramid building. Space travel."
    (download 119kb)
  8. Pharaoh: *dying* "Tell the slaves they can all go f..."
    Bender: "Go faster? I told them. But they are so damn lazy!"
    Pharaoh: "No. I mean, they are all free..."
    Bender: "Freeloading off you? I agree."
    Pharaoh: "No! I..." *dies*
    (download 140kb)
  9. High Priest: "Great wall of prophecy! Reveal to us god's will that we may blindly obey."
    Crowd: "Free us from thought and responsibility."
    High Priest: "We shall read things off you!"
    Crowd: "And do them."
    (download 88kb)
  10. Leela: "Did you really think you'd need all this junk in the afterlife?"
    Bender: "Afterlife? Pfft. If I'd thought I had to go through a whole 'nother life, I'd kill myself right now."
    Leela: "Well rot in peace."
    (download 74kb)
  11. Bender: "I don't?"
    Leela: "Nooo. You have your legacy as a brutal, tyrannical dictator. And that will outlive any monument."
    Bender: "You really think they'll remember me?"
    Fry: "Absolutely."
    Bender: "Well in that case.... One planet down. Helmsman, set course for ... Earth! Muhuahahha hahaha."
    Leela: "That's not Earth."
    Bender: "Oh."
    (download 184kb)
  12. Bender's Statue: "Remember me!"
    (download 13kb)

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