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Episode Sounds: 4ACV10 - The Why of Fry

  1. Fry: "Without me, there is no mission! I am the mission."
    Leela: "We're back from the mission!"
    Fry: "What, what? You went without me?"
    Bender: "You were looking up curse words in the dictionary."
    (download 68kb)
  2. Fry: "I'm real sorry I missed the mission. I wasn't there and you might've needed me."
    Bender: "Nope!"
    Fry: "But if I'd been there, I -"
    Bender: "Nope!"
    Fry: "Look -"
    Bender: "Nope!"
    Fry: "Bender's great!"
    Bender: "Nope! D'oh."
    Fry: "Listen, Leela. Let me make it up by taking you out for dinner tonight."
    Leela: "Nope!"
    (download 101kb)
  3. Fry: "So? I'm just as important as him." *pause* "It's just that, the kind of importance I have ... it doesn't matter if I ... don't do it."
    (download 62kb)
  4. Fry: "Oh geez, better not let Leela see me."
    Leela: "Hey! I hear Fry!"
    (download 29kb)
  5. Fry: "I'm as worthless as this trash can." *kicks it*
    Trash Can: "You think I'm as worthless as you? Try catching garbage in your head and raising six kids, you dumb townie."
    (download 104kb)
  6. Nibblonian 1: "Your Mightiness!"
    Fry: "Mightiness? Are you off your nut? I just got kidnapped by a bunch of guinea pigs."
    Nibblonian 1: "Does he not know?"
    Nibblonian 2: "He does not know."
    Nibblonian 3: "He knows not?"
    Nibblonian 2: "Knows not does he."
    Nibblonian 4: "Not he knows?"
    Nibblonian 1: "Enough!"
    (download 98kb)
  7. Nibblonian 1: "It's a genetic abnormality which resulted when you went back in time and performed certain actions which made you your own grandfather."
    Fry: "I did do the nasty in the pasty!"
    Nibblonian 2: "Verily. And that past nastification is what shields you from the brains. You are the last hope of the universe."
    Fry: "So, I really am important? How I feel when I'm drunk is correct?"
    Nibblonian 1: "Yes. Except the Dave Matthews Band doesn't rock."
    (download 176kb)
  8. Fry: "What's so evil about that?"
    Nibblonian 3: "They plan to collect all the information in the universe and store it within the sphere."
    Fry: "So they're trying to learn things?"
    Nibblonian 3: "Right."
    Fry: "Those bastards!"
    (download 64kb)
  9. Nibblonian 1: "Fear not, Mighty One. Your missing brain wave makes you invisible to them. So long as you avoid intense thinking."
    Fry: "Sorry, what? I wasn't paying attention."
    Nibblonian 1: "That is most wise."
    Fry: "Who?"
    (download 74kb)
  10. Mr. Vogel: "Alright, little ones. Back to the orphanarium. You can slide around the gym in your socks."
    Girl: "What socks?"
    (download 49kb)
  11. Nibbler: "I did not come back in time. My people lack that ability."
    Fry: "But... I know you in the future. I cleaned your poop!"
    Nibbler: "Quite possible. We live long and are celebrated poopers!"
    (download 70kb)
  12. Fry: "Man! I can't wait to tell everyone what happened."
    Nibbler: "Yes. Incidentally, I need to remain undercover so I'm blanking your memory." *zap*
    Fry: "Huh. Did everything just taste purple for a second?"
    (download 96kb)

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