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Episode Sounds: 4ACV13 - Bend Her

  1. TV Reporter: "Welcome to the games of the 3004 Earth Olympiad! Continuing this network's tradition of sports casting excellence! Celebrity ape fight will return next week at its regular time."
    (download 82kb)
  2. Leela: "It does seem like Jamaica would be able to field a strong limbo team without you."
    Amy: "Yeah! Isn't that basically all Jamaicans do?"
    Hermes: "Jamaicans have other interests! Which is why the limbo team got detained at the airport."
    (download 76kb)
  3. Bender: "I'm great, everybody else sucks! Except that guy Bender. He's really something. Whoooooooo!"
    Speaker voice: "All medalists report for gender testing."
    Bender: "Ahuaugh!"
    (download 68kb)
  4. Bender: "Wait, I've got it. Professor, make a woman out of me!"
    Professor: "Oh I think we should just stay friends..."
    (download 46kb)
  5. Professor: "Bender! A robot sex change is a complex and dangerous procedure. Replacing your testosteroil with fembot lubricants can cause wild mood swings. And the effects may be irreversible. Well, let's get started."
    Leela: "No, you can't!"
    Amy: "If you have even the slightest respect for the dignity of women..."
    Bender: "Pfft."
    (download 132kb)
  6. Coilette: "Hail, hail Robonia - a land I didn't make up!"
    (download 70kb)
  7. Coilette: "What?! A guest spot on Late Night with Humorbot5.0? I'd love to! Hua! My own limo? No, I don't have my own limo. You better send one."
    (download 72kb)
  8. Humorbot5.0: "Calculon, do you want to set up this clip from All * My * Circuits?"
    Calculon: "No, I think it's self-explanatory."
    Calculon in clip: "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!"
    Robo-audience: *applause, ending sharply*
    Calculon: "Funny story. The script called for me to say 'yes', but I gave it a little twist."
    Humorbot5.0: "Anecdote accepted. Snappy come-back not found."
    (download 161kb)
  9. Coilette: "This top makes me look fat. Is it trampy to go on a first date nude?"
    Amy: "... Yes!"
    Coilette: "Perfect!"
    Fry: "You've gotta tell me. You're not actually attracted to Calculon, right? And if you are, don't tell me. Are you?"
    (download 86kb)
  10. Coilette: "Zoidypoo, please tell me frilly is in this year."
    Zoidberg: "I saw a frilly cake in here you'd remember all your life! I know I will. Late at night it haunts me with its frosted beauty. Order the cake, dammit!"
    (download 98kb)
  11. Calculon: "I have something for you."
    Coilette: *excited* "A remote control? You got me a TV?"
    Calculon: "No, my dearest. It's the remote control to my heart. It symbolizes the power you have to sway my emotions."
    Coilette: "Will it work on my TV?"
    (download 94kb)
  12. Calculon: "But now all I want is a peaceful life in a quiet villa overlooking a vineyard. With you."
    Coilette: "Would we have donkeys?"
    Calculon: "All you could eat."
    (download 71kb)

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