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Episode Sounds: 4ACV17 - Spanish Fry

  1. Alternate Futurama theme
    (download 195kb)
  2. Zoidberg: "Bender! If you wanna sleep in the tent tonight, you're welcome to join me and Hermes for a little "just friends" spooning."
    (download 49kb)
  3. Ranger: "All right! Questions?"
    Sal: "Yeah. Have yous ever seens Bigfeet?"
    Ranger: "Technically, no. But I do see him each night in my dreams, and each day in the smiling faces of hairy children."
    Farnsworth: "Bunk! Bunk, I say! Bring me a bag of Bigfoot's droppings, or shut up!"
    Ranger: "I have the droppings of someone who saw Bigfoot."
    Farnsworth: "Shut up!"
    (download 136kb)
  4. Fry: "Bigfoot? Is that you? I'm not like the others, Bigfoot! I see through the monster coating to the gentle loner inside. I bet you have a wounded raccoon friend that you tenderly nurse back to health while you go *coo, coo*. But in the end they shoot you. But you teach us about things."
    (download 115kb)
  5. Fry: "Hey, hey! What's the big idea? Stop abducting me! Why does your vanity plate say Probe1?"
    (download 50kb)
  6. Leela: "Someone should tell him."
    Fry: "Tell me what?"
    Leela: "Nothing!"
    Zoidberg: "Well, I have a lot of experience telling patients bad news. So let me break it to him gently. Fry! You have no nose! Your nose is gone! You have no nose on your face! Where it is, I can't say, but on your face it's not!"
    (download 136kb)
  7. Leela: "I know you're trying to mask your pain with humor, but don't worry. I'm sure the Professor can clone you a new nose."
    Fry: "It wouldn't be the same. I want my nose! I don't wanna have to teach a new one to shoot milk when I laugh."
    Farnsworth: "Well, there's no sense fretting. Good lord, you're ugly."
    (download 114kb)
  8. Linda: "Alien abductions. Until now, a harmless nuisance. But recently they've taken on a sinister dimension as unsuspecting victims are returned without noses."
    Fry: "Like me!"
    Morbo: "The culprits: shameless poachers, hunting humans without a permit."
    (download 109kb)
  9. Fry: "Now look, this is the nose we want. Did you sell it to somebody?"
    Alien Lizard: "I'm sorry, sir. But due to the perverted nature of our business, customer records are strictly confidential." *Leela punches him* "Oof...Right this way."
    (download 93kb)
  10. Lrrr: "Interesting. The trousers conceal a tiny secondary horn."
    Fry: "Hey, what've you heard?"
    Lrrr: "Guards, seize him! Prepare to harvest the lower horn."
    (download 80kb)
  11. Leela: "You two have deep relationship problems that can't be solved by an aphrodesiac."
    Fry: "However huge it might be."
    (download 39kb)
  12. Lrrr: "Mmm, this jerked chicken is good. I think I'll have Fry's lower horn jerked."
    Bender: "It's used to it! Woooo!"
    (download 59kb)
  13. Leela: "Things look bad, but I still have a trump card - the most beautiful love song ever written! *sings* And I...will always love yooooouuuuu!" *Lrrr and Ndnd scream*
    Ndnd: "The humans are attacking!"
    Lrrr: "Pluck the lower horn and let's get out of here!"
    (download 161kb)
  14. Ranger: "Holy macaroni! I can't believe I'm seeing bigfoot. He's in focus! Oh, I've waited my entire life for this moment!" *takes out gun*
    Bender: "What are you doing with that?"
    Lrrr: "You're going to kill this innocent giganto?"
    Ranger: "Of course not! I'm just gonna tranquilize him so I can chop off his feet as proof he exists. Then dump him back in the wild. He'll do fine!"
    (download 188kb)
  15. Lrrr: "This human's lower horn is one of God's creatures. A living thing. And all living things, large and small-"
    Bender: "In this case, small! Woooo!"
    Lrrr: "- have dignity and a spark of the divine."
    (download 109kb)
  16. Leela: "Well, Fry, it looks like you get to hold on to your lower horn."
    Bender: "As usual! Woooo!"
    (download 43kb)

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