We are free and fairly sober

Stephen Reid submitted us another kick ass futurama tab, it's the Elves Song for you to play on guitar. I haven't played it yet so I can't really say it's 100% correct but well If stephen says it's right, it probably is

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Futurama Comic Capsules

One of the first hour Futurama webmasters - Sachit - gave us a great set of Comic Capsules. I uploaded the Capsule #1 for now. More to follow.

As I was asked this more than once:
The US DVDs are no where near to being published due to probable syndication in future. A normal US-DVD player will not play the UK Season 1 DVD set due to PAL standard and region 2 encoding. You need a TV / DVD combo capable of displaying PAL and a DVD player with selectable region code (usually the local TV freak shop can fix that).

Also, our buddies over at Evergreen Terrace have a poll up asking if Futurama is currently better than the Simpsons. Only 13% said yes by now as they are all Simpsons fans there. Fly my minions and even it out!

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Bite my shiney, colourful DVD!!!

Hey everyone, I'm back from the dead to bring you this review of the Futurama Season 1 DVD box set which went on general release in the UK today.
Go and read the review.
If you can't be bothered to read it and just want to know if it's good enough then I have 3 and a bit words for you:
GO & BUY IT!!!

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We demand a recount

Sorry for not updating the Conceptual art, I'll put it up the day after tomorrow (I hope). But I do have something else for you guys, another directory recovered from the old cgef. Check out the old scans from Joey St. Marie. There is still more for me to recover but well

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We've hit the motherload!

When we all thought we couldn't find more stuff from the Old CGEF, we found thanks to Anthony a pig pile of old cgef garbage I'll be getting stuff from there and putting it on the new cgef again, today I snagged all the 3d pictures I could find on the old cgef.

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Okay, the turn in for the conceptual art contest was pretty good this time, alot of people guessed it... I'll update the image tomorrow, and I'm gonna make it a bit harder than this time because too many people guessed it :P

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Happy Valentines!

What? Ok, ok. Not yet. But it will be happy cause FOX seems to have decided to air the 4ACV Valentines episode 'Love & Rocket' on Sunday 10th Feb.

Here is a snippet about its content coming from David X Cohen out of an interview he gave to scifi.com:
"Our Valentine's episode guest stars Sigourney Weaver, and she is a popular favorite around here. She is playing the voice of the Planet Express ship. It's a pretty abstract role she's taken on. The basic idea is they install a new personality in the ship, which has a female voice. Bender immediately falls in love with it and has a whirlwind romance with the spaceship itself."

Let's hope they really show it and don't just ditch it again a day before it would air.

Also, you can preorder the 2003 Futurama calendar at amazon.com now. It will be shipped in August, but it can't hurt to be on their list. Big preorder numbers cause them to stock more similar items. Plus it's 20% off right now.

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Long time no scan

Hey, I just made a scan (which I haven't done for a while now) of bender as a human. I hope you enjoy it BTW the conceptual art contest closes tomorrow so GET your answers in here before it's too late.

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Season 2 DVD set

As payndz from ANSTATMAW just told on PEEL in this thread, FOX will release the Season 2 DVD set sometime before Xmas this year around Europe. Season 2 with its 19 episodes for many still is the best one out there.

I'm a bit split on the quickiness FOX seems to be in with the Futurama DVDs. With 32 episodes (13 in the current season 1 DVD set) out on DVD at the end of this year the value of a syndication will probably take a hit. It might be that FOX gave up on the idea to get Futurama syndicated or they just think that the DVD sales make up for more than what the value of the series drops in syndication.

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Bender Wants You!

Pattern was kind enough to send us another 3D picture, this time it's bender as Uncle Sam. Enjoy

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Merchandise Update

Small () update on the merchandise world:

  • Finally the Futurama T-Shirt got stocked again. It's dark olive green with black sleeves and V-collar, has the Futurama Logo on it's back and a pic with "The Future is today - Worry about it tomorrow" on the front. It went out of stock pretty soon after being released and finally got back at our associated store eMerchandise for $18.95

  • There are rumours of Rix Products producing Futurama stuff soon. I'd bet on playing cards with Futurama characters on them.

  • It's now less than a week till the UK Amazon will ship the region 2 DVD set and two weeks for the german set. The spanish set was postponed to late May but as far as we know it is the same set as the german one (just different labels) featuring sound in German, English, Spanish and scandinavian dubbing for the fans from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finnland.
    So, if you want to have the 13 episodes on 3 discs ASAP, preorder them now.

    Ugh, wasn't that short an update
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    Why no new futurama?

    I hoped you all enjoyed the rerun of Bendless Love cause it'll be a while till you see some futurama again

    Fox will air most of its regular schedule against the Olympics, primarily with new episodes. And the network, which had pledged to tone down its reality programming, will air at least one reality special as Olympics competition. On Feb. 22, Fox will air the two-hour special When Animals Invade Your Home vs. the Olympics' figure-skating exhibition event. The network had also planned to air Glutton Bowl: The World's Greatest Eating Competition on Feb. 21 against the Olympics' women's figure-skating finals (typically the Games' top-rated event), but Glutton Bowl's airdate was undetermined at press time.

    So we will probably (there could be reruns, but we can't guarantee anything) have no Futurama till after the olympics, which is a grim day for Robot and Human kind We will try to entertain you with new stuff and information. Post your comments...

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    One frag left!

    Yo guys, I got the 3rd 3D picture of \Pattern, he resent it because it got ruined for some reason. I also got a drawing from Jens (a new person in the Fan Art world), I really love the picture. And last but ofcourse NOT least... FRYSgirl drew a Punk version of Fry

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    Conceptual Art results-R-in

    Yeah, it seems it was AGAIN very hard cause most of them guessed it wrong, and FRYsgirl got it right I know what you're thinking, we're not faking the results Well the new one is up and is to my knowledge VERY easy. Well give it a go at the conceptual art contest if you haven't.

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    I got a cool video from DeathCharge, it's a full 3D intro for futurama if it would be more like startrek, it's pretty cool so check it out, chumps.

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    You really want to know?

    Heh, because of a combination of a lack of real updatable stuff and bored school subjects I made these 3 drawings in class.. They're not good though, but well... Some of them are pretty funny, and I'm sure I'll do some more when I get another boring subject

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    Aw crap! I'm some sort of robot!!

    Since there are no episodes for a while I'll try to update all the Freeze Frame files with your submissions and create new ones for the episodes I haven't done yet in the empty space until Feb...

    In the meantime I thought I'd point you in the direction of a review of the new DVDs on my favourite DVD site, The Region 2 Project.
    It goes over the extras mainly and says who's doing each commentary although they seem to not have gone through all of the people involved as I believe Eric Kaplan is in the commentary for the episode he penned,Hell is Other Robots.(at least that's what he told me...)

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    (h)astalavista, Zoidy!

    Bah, I'm very mad at fox right now for not showing a new episode until february. This makes it ultra hard to do some updates Well I got a zoidberg fanart picture. It's Zoidberg in Army style, and he looks mad I also added the music (in midi) that was in the Anthology Of Interest II episode when fry was playing space invaders. That's all I have for you today

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    What to expect

    Here is the line up for the next weeks:
  • Jan 20th: 'Bendless Love' (rerun)
  • Jan 27th: 'Parasites Lost' (rerun)
  • Feb 3rd: no Futurama, Super Bowl

    The good thing: Europe gets the Season 1 DVD set with 13 episodes in the UK on January 28th for about £32 and in Germany on Feb 7th for about €36. They are region 2 discs, so make sure you have a region free DVD player or live within Europe. Amazon UK and DE ship world wide if you do have such a player.

    The bad thing: I was told that Futurama wasn't renewed for season 5 yet. Last year they did that on January 5th. Let's hope.
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    Grunka Lunka, grunkadidoo

    Refresh your browsers cause the new Conceptual art picture is up for you to guess what it is. I don't think it's hard, but well, who am I to think BTW, tomorrow is CGEF's 2nd birthday but I'm sure we won't celebrate it because of the downtime we had in total hehe

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    The 'Planet Express Employee Lounge' message board is off-line due to server problems. Please be patient until the board is in working order.

    Update: It's running again already.

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    I updated the rules of the #futuramachat page, to prevent some oftenly made mistakes. I also want to take this opportunity to promote it some bit too Cause we're having some slow times because of lack of chatters so if you have something to say to the webmasters of this site or at fellow futurama fans, join the chat

    * Update : 2 new Hodge scans

    * Update : Fan art from TheVoices added.

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    Trading Card set in the works

    Thanks to Rubio of 'A Big Piece Of Garbage', we now know that there will definitely be a set of Futurama trading cards made in the near Future by the same company that released the Simpsons Mania card sets last year- Inkworks! There isn't an official announcement on that web site, but Rubio said there should be one there in about 2 months.

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    All your base are belong to us.

    Okay it's the end of the week (well almost) and the winners of the conceptual art contest have been updated, we'll have a new picture pretty soon for you guys to guess. In other news, we got some new scans made by Hodge. Let's just hope he makes some more

    We're from the planet Nintendu 64 and we bring you a new Mini game based on the Anthology Of Interest episode. I hope you like it, like the pacman game it also only has 1 level.

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    You shot me first!!

    Okay, I got 5 new Wallpapers from Paul. In return I gave him the scans that I promised to him a while back ago. Oh yeah BTW, for the belgian futurama viewers (like me) Season 3 will be shown from Thursday 17 january :P

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    No Futurama this sunday

    Sadly, FOX opted not to show Futurama this sunday although this could have been the first 7pm episode that about everyone would have been able to actually watch due to football being aired early in the day instead of at 4pm.

    With this said:
    Next sunday is unlikely to see a new episode, too. The episode shown - if at all - will probably be "Bendless love" being the episode most disliked according to our review scores. The weekend after that might be a new episode but it's not sure for now as the AFC Championship will be played on that date. Yet a week later Fox will show SuperBowl and no Futurama.

    Comments anyone?

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    Yo Yo Yo wassup

    I did some general updates that came with the new episode of Sunday, and I updated the Futurama Staff section.

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    What? Do I smell or something?

    Here you are, earlier than the usual lazy-arse-two-week-delay that I've taken to do the last two episodes' Freeze Frame file, I present AOI 2's file here.
    I know there's stuff that I missed, particularly the video game references, so if you have anything to add please email!

    I personally thought the episode was fantastic and made me laugh alot. What's also become even more noticable, as well as the excellent writing, this season is the exceptional work that is done by the animators, directors, stroyboarders et al: visually superb!!

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    I hear, I hear the voices!

    While reading up on the posts on peel I found some nice fan art pictures made by the voices.

    Wakka Wakka Okay, I just finished the first AOI II game called Pac Man ;) It's nothing special, it just has one level. So don't expect anything big and tested like my other games. There might be a Full Pacman version soon though.

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    invaders, possibly from space

    yeah I know... not much updates from my but I'll make it up tomorrow, for today I added scotties Xmas game called Save The Presents. I haven't played it very much, but it looks fun I am also working on a Pac Man version for futurama :P

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    Do I smell or something?

    There we are!!

    I finally got my butt up, and made some sounds. I've made sounds to both 'A tale of two santas' and 'AOI2', but as far as I know the santa sounds aren't ready yet.. The transcripts that is! (thanks again edel ) Anyways.. Let's hope you guys enjoyed that episodes, cause it sure rocked!!!

    Edel just gave me the transcripts for 'A tale of two santas' :D enjoy!

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    Anthology of rantings

    Here I am again with my "whenever Fox feels like airing an episode"-ly rant about the (overnight) ratings:

    Futurama got a quite ok 5.3 / 8 rating coming in as 4th for its slot. King of the Hill got 5.9 / 9 (4th place, too), The Simpsons secured 3rd place with 8.6 / 12 and Malcolm in the Middle a 3rd place, too with 8.0 / 11.

    Compared to the weeks before, this is still an increase (4.5/8 and 4.2/7), but a 4th place is just not where such a great episode belongs.

    PS: review it
    PPS: I hate football

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    Framegrabs are up!

    The framegrabs of Anthology of Interest 2 are up, I hope you like 'em because I woke up very early for them :P

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    We're off to see the wizard...

    UPDATE to the below news!!:
    incase you wondered wether tonight's episode is going to be any good, check out this (very un-spoilery) review by the great Herc of the world famous Ain't it Cool News. It makes it into the 'Coxial News' column on the site, A place usually reserved for Buffy, Angel et al. He gives it a massive 4 stars and says it 'might be the best episode ever'. He also disses The Simpsons and makes the common point that Futurama Rules and The Simpsons now Sucks! Check it out here:
    (top right corner)

    Well, I know I've been as invisible as, well, me but I finally got round to doing the Freeze Frame file for A Tale of Two Santas, Enjoy!

    Tonight's episode (which should definitely be broadcast, check locally) is the long awaited Anthology of Interest II featuring what ifs from Fry, Bender and Leela.
    It's written by fan's favourite Lewis(Amazon Women, Mother's Day)Morton, 'Da Boss' David X Cohen and Jason Gorbett & Scott Kirby(oooohh, Newbies!!). It is directed by Bret Haaland(A Head in the Polls, The Deep South)
    Should be a great episode! Remember to POST YOUR REVIEW after the episode!

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    All glory to the hypnotoad

    Okay like I promised, the new Conceptual Art picture is here. It's fairly easy I think, because lotsa people said the last one was too easy I also added a guitar tab by SlaytanicMaggot, who made one for Guitar Pro

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    I'm Back Again

    It's been a while since I last updated here, so I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is enjoying a Happy 2002.

    This is my first scan-art in ages and CGEF gets it first, it comes from the episode "A Tale Of Two Santas" and is the moment when the Neptunians point Leela and Fry in the direction of the robotic santa's ice palace.

    More from me to come from my plethora of scan-arts not already here but on my site (hint Top of the Buddy List).

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    Here's Jonny!

    I haven't really been doing much around CGEF the last month or so, but I ain't dead! I just like to sit around on my bootay all day and forget to update. Anyway, on to the news!

    Fox raises $380.50 from Ebay auction for The Twin Towers Fund
    Last month Fox auctioned off a singed Futurama poster to help raise funds for victims of the disaster that happened on September 11th 2001. Fox was auctioning off Many items for this fund including Simpsons and Buffy The Vampire Slayer items. All auctions have closed, but if you would like to see the Futuram auction, click here.

    David X. Cohen AIM Interview
    Greg From FuturaFan.com, the best French Futurama site on the net, has had a small AIM interview with Executive Producer David X. Cohen. If you want to read it, click here.

    Pre order one of the coolest new Futurama toy, Horrible Gelatinous Squishy Blob Toy, and give back to this site, because every time you buy something HERE, we get money, which makes us happy. It also pays the server bills. So go pre order this nifty toy now and send me to college!

    I slightly updated the article section, and web news section.

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    How bout these cookies!

    Okay it's been guessed, the conceptual art picture was : Enos. I probably made it too hard so I'm making the next one easier, check back in a couple of hours for my next update and the new conceptual art picture

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    To Serve Man

    There is a new edelfied Interactive Story called To Serve Man in our interactive department. In case you don't know how it works: We add a small chapter which leaves two branches for the stories to continue, once you reach the end of a branch, you can write a new chapter with two new choices.

    PS: yatta!

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    Crap can't anyone see this!

    Well like I promised here are the trivia questions of the X-mas episode. And no one has guessed the Conceptual Art contest, so it's still running You'll have to try harder I guess, and don't rely on your first impression of it too much, you have to think deeper than the usual characters.

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    you're your own grandpa.

    Since the 'who shot fry' game of Reed isn't really going anywhere I made a new guessing game, it's called 'conceptual art', you have to guess which character or item is displayed there. You have to send me an email if you know the answer, and only one try per person. I also did the trivia of the 'Roswell that ends well' episode. Enjoy, and the other trivia will be here tomorrow

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    Do we really need a bender?

    *yawn* it's so boring when there isn't a new futurama episode, and it's always hard to do updates. I did get some icons from Dave Gibbons, who said that some of our icons doesn't look good on the desktop, so he made some that do

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    The perfect crime!

    Hey, happy newyear to you all from me. I hope you all had a good time last night (I know I didn't). I've done some general maintainence to some areas like the links area and the tv listings. And I added some new Ascii artwork

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    there goes another lousy mi... year

    On behalf of the entire CGEF crew, I want to wish everyone a happy new years 2002!!!!! Drive home safe from all the wild parties you attended. Or, if you were like me, you were sitting at home doing nothing

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