Bender's Big Score Cover

An updated colorful cover art for the Futurama Movie "Bender's Big Score" was just released over at amazon.

Both amazon and FoxStore also changed the picture format from "full screen" to widescreen (1.78:1 on amazon), which now matches the information we've been giving all along

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CGEF News Feed

Since RSS 0.91 is apparently not all that up-to-date anymore, I added an ATOM feed to our site. You can use it to subscribe to our news in Firefox/Thunderbird and IE7 or to include our news on blogs (e.g. as a livejournal friend) and portal sites like the following:

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Tidbits on the Futurama Movie

Some new small things regarding the Futurama Movie "Bender's Big Score":
  • Unlike amazon and Foxstore list it, Bender is going to be on wide screen. Expect the two sites to correct their data soon.

  • The packaging is planned to have a "fancy lenticular front cover" that looks different when viewed from an angle. It's not 100% sure to happen but likely.

  • Another character voice was revealed to us: Chanukah Zombie is voiced by Mark 'Luke' Hamill!

  • We do not know the international release dates yet but will relay them to you as soon as we get word on them.

Don't forget: Preordering makes Bender happy!

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Futurama Movie Preorders

Amazon just put "Futurama Movie: Bender's Big Score" up for preorder. It's currently listed at $19.99 with free shipping on orders topping $25.
That's $4 saved compared to FoxStore, who sell it at $23.98 (free shipping if you enter CMCON07 as a coupon).

While we are at it, the 2008 Futurama Calendar started shipping 10 days ago. This year the calendar features 12 movie poster parodies from "Clone Alone" to "Some like it Bot".

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Early Universe 1 Zoidberg

The new "Universe 1" Zoidberg figure we reported on will make an early appearance at Wizard World Chicago, which takes place August 9th - 12th.
Wizard Entertainment sent us a new picture of alternate Zoidberg (click to enlarge) and also offered to send us one of the neat blue crustaceans, which you can order from their web shop. We figured that we should hand over our free copy to CGEF readers.

Mini contest:
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Potential participants need to be living in the US and either be adults or 13+ years old with permission of their parents. The winner will be picked by our one-woman-jury 'edel' and then contacted for shipping details.
Task: Send an email to [email removed, contest over] before August 15th 2007 and make up a funny Zoidberg quote in which he gives a reason stating why he should be picked as the winner. The email should also say that, yes, you are living in the US and yes, you are old enough/have permission to take part.

I might post a few of the funnier answers later on.

Update: Contest is over, and the winner is ... 'Phil', with the following quote:
ZOIDBERG: "They laughed at Zoidberg when Zoidberg said he would win! Zoidberg's mother laughed, Zoidberg's bus driver laughed, even Zoidberg himself laughed! But now it is time to show them all. Show them all my fancy new action figure with the blue shell. Zoidberg will make them jealous for once. They may have their houses and their cars and their more-than-one-change-of-clothes, but I will have the toy. I will have the toy! And a meatball sandwich, maybe, if it's not too much trouble? Zoidberg is very hungry. Even one meatball and a crouton? Hello? Hellooo? Did you hang up on me? Ohhhhhh."

Some runner-ups in our new "click me to expand" section:
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Zoidberg: "The robut stole my last Zoidberg figurine and beat me over the head with it until it broke... broke my head, I mean. I'm telling you he's risking my friendship with him!"
Zoidberg: Blue, blue you say...Blue tastes better then red why not.
Zoidberg: Ahhh such a delectable treat, its like my uncle Harold always said, there is no shellfish too discolored to eat!
Zoidberg: "Zoidberg MUST have the statue. You see, funny story: ever since the Package Express Medical plan replaced my old shell, my little pupating buds don't recognize their Big Daddy Zoidy! So you see, unless I have this reminder of what I, Zoidberg! looks like, my Spawn will scuttle away in fright, emptying their ink pouches along the way, leaving me crying like the last fiddler crab to the picked clean carcase of a rotting whale!"

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Info on Four New DVDs

As there is more information inflowing now, we figured to put up a page on the four new Futurama DVDs where we collect and update what we've been told.

Quite a few details on Bender's Big Score are already available, but nothing much was known about the other parts. An unnamed well-informed source with the middle initial 'X' tells us, that The Beast with a Billion Backs will see the return of guest star Professor Stephen 'The Hawking-Hole' Hawking.

'X' also lets us know that there no date has been set for either of the remaining three DVDs after Bender's Big Score. Also, the episodes made out of the 4 widescreen Futurama movies will be produced in 4:3 according to current plan to match the look of the old 72 episodes. For fans reading this page, this is probably not a problem since most will be buying the DVDs anyway.

Lastly, there is likely going to be a Futurama trailer on the next Fantastic Four DVD. We won't link to any online version before we don't have an official source for it.

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