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Episode Sounds: 3ACV02 - Parasites Lost

  1. Fry: "Ahh Leela there's something I've wanted to tell you for a long time, but every time I try I get nervous and my mouth feels its stuffed with peanut butter even when it's not"
    Leela: "What is it? is it about Bender?"
    Fry: "No, it's about you and me."
    Leela: "and Bender?"
    Fry: "Bender's not involved!"
    (download 101kb)
  2. Hermes: "What about the worms in the other parts of his body?"
    Professor: "Listens this is gonna be one hell of a bowl movement, afterwards he'll be lucky if he has any bones left!"
    (download 63kb)
  3. Professor: "If we don't get rid of the worms now, they'll burrow so deep in the bowl that not even Hermes' famous jerk prunes couldn't dislodge them."
    Hermes: "I call it the Caribbean drain-o"
    Professor: "Fry will be stuck with the worms forever!"
    (download 93kb)
  4. Leela: "Ugh, it's that jerk from the truck stop, let's cross the street and try to blend in with that crowd of pimps"
    Fry: "I don't think so!"
    (download 50kb)
  5. Jerk: "Yo sexy momma, let's get busy and freaky, in that order"
    Fry: "hey jumbo, what if Leela would say you're sexy and wanted to have sex with you!"
    Jerk: "meh, I got's five minutes"
    (download 75kb)
  6. Professor: "Fry can't know anything about the mission, if he finds out, the worms will try to defend themselves. They know everything he knows."
    Bender: "they know how to make ice cream soup?"
    (download 71kb)
  7. Zoidberg: "Ahh, the hypochondriac's back, so what is it this time?"
    Fry: "Well my lead pipe hurts a little"
    Zoidberg: "That's normal, next patient!"
    (download 69kb)
  8. Bender: "Yo old guy, why do we have to use those tiny micro droids? Can't you just shrink us?"
    Professor: "Oh my no, that would require extremely tiny atoms, have priced those lately? I'm not made of money, leave me alone!"
    (download 94kb)
  9. Jerk: "Yeah, you're right, she don't get enough meat for a guy like me!"
    Fry: "She does to! She's loaded meat, she's got more meat than a cow... aww! "
    (download 50kb)
  10. Bender: "If it's any consolation, my life is great, babes, bucks, I've got it all!"
    Fry: "Well at least I've learned that Leela's a lost cause"
    Bender: "There you go, goodnight, I have to get early to go parasailing with movie stars"
    (download 117kb)
  11. Fry: "There it is, the stately capitol of Fry's bowl, a heavily guarded fort surrounding the pelvis splenetic ganglion."
    Zoidberg: "I've heard of that, who said I haven't!"
    (download 73kb)
  12. Amy: "Worms? Eww, puke-o-tonic"
    (download 20kb)
  13. Bender: "Where are we, the ass?"
    Professor: "We're in the heart, better known as a the love muscle"
    Zoidberg: "Where the food is digested"
    Professor: "We should be safe, so long as nothing makes it beat faster"
    (download 72kb)

  14. Bender: "What's that black cracker?"
    Fry: "a tomato"
    Leela: "You're not gonna eat a sandwich from a truck stop mensroom are you? " Fry: "What's the worst thing that can happen... ewww, it's like a party in my mouth and everyone is throwing up"
    (download 89kb)

  15. Worm: "Ok we'll leave, but one day you'll be eating a fast food burger and BOOM, and you'll be crawling with us again. Ever wonder what makes special sauce so special? Yo!"
    (download 87kb)

  16. Leela: "I don't have words to say how wonderful you are, Fry. I haven't been so happy since double soup tuesday in the orphanage"
    Fry: "When I'm with you, every day seems like double soup tuesdays"
    Leela: "Oh Fry, I love what you've become."
    (download 97kb)


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