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Episode Sounds: 3ACV19 - Roswell That Ends Well

  1. Fry: "I've never seen a supernova blow up, but if it's anything like my old Chevy Nova, it'll light up the night sky"
    Bender: "Yeah! Anyone who misses this will regret it the rest of his life. Hey, Fry could you go make some popcorn?"
    Fry: "OK."
    (download 40kb)
  2. Fry: *Buzzing sound* "Hey!" *sniff sniff* "What smells like blue?"
    (download 15kb)
  3. Fry: "Which crazy thing happening are you guys screaming about?"
    (download 11kb)
  4. Leela: "Why is there so little traffic around earth?"
    Professor: "And what's this layer of ozone. That's never been there before!"
    (download 20kb)
  5. Leela: "Everyone put on your seatbelts!"
    Zoidberg: "Awawawaw"
    Bender: "Na, Those things cost more lives than they save!" *crash* *bender screaming* *crash*
    (download 43kb)
  6. Leela: "Here's the plan! Zoidberg, pick up the pieces. Everyone else, take five."
    (download 16kb)
  7. Army man: "General, in all my years of covering top secret discoveries with sheets, I've never dramatically revealed anything as shocking as this! Da, da daaaaa! The debris from an alien space ship." *floffa*
    General: "Son, I think I can safely say: WAAAAAAAAAAU!"
    (download 58kb)
  8. Professor: "Remarkable! According to the high precision digital chronograph, it's July 9th 1947. which would explain why the chronograph has turned into this pin-up calendar."
    Bender: "Wait a second. You mean we traveled through time?"
    Professor: "Doi! Some idiot must have put metal in the microwave,"
    Fry: "Yo."
    Professor: "and the microwave radiation combined with the gravitons and graviolis from the supernova, blasted us through time itself!"
    (download 82kb)
  9. Leela: "Have you seen today's news?"
    Bender: "High School gym renovations on schedule. What a load!"
    Leela: "No! Over here! Flying saucer captured."
    Bender: "That's no flying saucer! That's my ass!"
    (download 38kb)
  10. Professor: "And the alien they captured was.. was…"
    Zoidberg: "Hello!"
    General: "Ewww!"
    Zoidberg: "So, what are you guys doing tonight? I'm up for whatever."
    (download 35kb)
  11. Professor: "Our only hope to get back to our own time, is to go back through it, within oh say, exactly 24 hours"
    Leela: *blowtorch* "No problem. The ship's fixed except for the cup-holder and I should have that operational within ten hours."
    Professor: "You've got eight!"
    (download 47kb)
  12. Professor: "Don't do anything that affects anything. Unless it turns out you were supposed to do it, in which case for the love of God. Don't not do it!"
    Fry: "Got it."
    (download 28kb)
  13. Zoidberg: *snoring*
    General: "What is your purpose here?"
    Zoidberg: "All right, officer. I'll move along."
    Man: "What the General means is: Why did you come to earth?"
    Zoidberg: "Not a not a day goes by I don't ask myself the same question."
    (download 47kb)
  14. Sarge: "Private! I wan't that toilet bowl so clean that I can eat off it! Cause I intend to!"
    Enos: Well gadzooks, Sarge!
    (download 21kb)
  15. Fry: "Are you crazy? You almost got yourself run over!"
    Enos: "I did? Then I sure am lucky you knocked me onto this pile of rusty bayonets."
    (download 22kb)
  16. Man: "This experiment will determine what food, if any the alien eats." *door opens*
    Zoidberg: "A buffet! Aw, if only I had my wallet with me!"
    Man: "Uhm. It's free."
    Zoidberg: *squeal*
    General: "Get me the president."
    (download 92kb)
  17. Fry: "She sure is pretty. You ought to marry her and father some children right away!"
    Enos: "Yeah, folks say that, but did you ever get the feeling you're only going with girls cause you're supposed to?"
    Fry: "WHAT? Don't ever, ever say or think that again! Please, just concentrate on staying alive!"
    (download 53kb)
  18. Fry: "Oh, you almost got neutered."
    Enos: "Well. Ain't as bad as getting killed."
    Fry: "For me it is!"
    (download 16kb)
  19. Mildred: "What'll you folks have today?
    Professor: I'll have the soylent green with a slice of soylent orange and some soylent coleslaw.
    Mildred: "Pardon?"
    Leela: "It's the twentieth century, professor!"
    Professor: Oh, right! I'll have a croque miseur, the paella, two mutton pills(?) and a stein of mead.
    Leela: "I'll just have a small injection of femi-slim."
    Mildred: "Uhh.. Two chilidogs coming up!"
    (download 69kb)
  20. Professor: "Oh Lord! We'll have to endure the horrible music of the big bopper, and then the terrible tragedy of his death."
    (download 24kb)
  21. Professor: "Above all else, it is our secret duty to preserver the past exactly as it was."
    Fry: "Well... I killed my grandfather."
    Professor: "Whaaaa?"
    Leela: "Wait. If you killed your grandfather, why do you still exist?"
    Fry: "I don't know. Maybe God loves me?"
    Bender: "HAHAHAHAHA!"
    (download 51kb)
  22. General: "Welcome to Roswell president Truman."
    Truman: "Fellas. This visit's top secret! No one's to know about it except the senior officers, scientists and a single conspiracy nutter no one will believe."
    Crackpot: "Hahahahaha!" *flash*
    (download 42kb)
  23. Truman: "Whistlin dixy! I want this sent to Area 51 for study!"
    General: "But Sir! That's where we're building our fake moon landing set."
    Truman: "Then we'll have to really land on the moon. Invent NASA and tell them to get off their fannies!"
    (download 35kb)
  24. Zoidberg: "The important thing is I'm meeting new people."
    Truman: "Bush wa. No what's your mission? Are you planning to make some kind of alien human hybrid?"
    Zoidberg: "Are you coming on to me?"
    Truman: "Ha! Crackers, I take exception to that!"
    Zoidberg: "I'm not hearing a no…"
    Truman: "Nerts to this space crap. If we want information, we'll have to do an old fashioned autopsy."
    Zoidberg: "Hurra!"
    (download 66kb)
  25. Fry: *snore*
    Leela: "Oh!"
    Bender: "Oh my god!"
    Fry: *tap* "Eh?"
    Professor: "What the hell have you done Fry?"
    Fry: "Relax. She can't be my grandmother! I've figured it all out."
    Professor: "Of course she's your grandmother you perverted dope! Look"
    Mildred: "Come back to bed dery."
    Fry: "Waa! It's impossible! If she's my grandmother, then who's your grandfather?"
    Professor: "Isn't it obvious? You are!"
    Fry: "Aaaaa! Aaaaa! Aaaaa!"
    (download 115kb)
  26. Zoidberg: "Come on, lighten up. What is this? A funeral?"
    Doctor 1: "Heart"
    Zoidberg: "Take! I got four of them."
    Doctor 2: "Stomach content: One deviled egg."
    Zoidberg: "Deviled egg?" *sclurps*
    Doctor 2: "The same deviled egg."
    (download 46kb)
  27. Professor: "Start the ship, Leela! Let's just steal the damn radar dish, and get back to our own time."
    Fry: "But, but, won't that change history?"
    Professor: "Oooh… A lesson in not changing history from Mr. I'm-my-own-grandpa! Let's get the hell out of here already. Screw history!"
    (download 47kb)
  28. Zoidberg: *saw* "Hey. Don't cut that. I need that to speak!" *saw, saw, saw*
    (download 23kb)
  29. Sarge: "Eeeeeenooooos!!!!"
    Fry: "He's dead.. Sorry!"
    (download 11kb)
  30. Zoidberg: "There… Good as new."
    Leela: "Don't you need this one?"
    Zoidberg: "Oh, no! That's my" *cough* *strangle* *fall* "Gottya!"
    (download 44kb)
  31. Fry: "Bender! What was it like, lying in that hole for a thousand years?"
    Bender: "I was enjoying it until you guys showed up."
    (download 20kb)

    Bonus sound (on request):
    Zoidberg: *alarm* "Such noises!"
    Leela: "Oh no! There's no global positioning signal. Navigation is failing!"
    Fry: "We're gonna die!"
    Leela: "Not if I can help it! Oh... I guess I can't..."

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