Where No Fan Has Gone Before

Where No Fan Has Gone Before won the
The Best Of Adult Swim, so it aired instead of Futurestock. Below an updated list of upcoming episodes till new year (all at 1AM).
Sun 28th: Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Mon 29th: Spanish Fry
Tue 30th: The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings
Wed 31th: Space Pilot 3000

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It seems we missed a lot...

As you see CGEF has silently gone back in active mode, I am in the middle of my exams and I'll try keeping the updated, if you have any news don't hesitate to send it to me. Also expect a late x-mas DVD contest!

Now for very very old news: Futurama was nominated for 'funniest Animated Series category' for the commies, or maybe not. The entire category disappeared into thin air a while after, the fact that Adam Sandler won an award means that it's no big loss

If you want to see your favorite Futurama episode on Sunday, Dec. 29 on Adult Swim? Then vote for it at Best Of Adult Swim. I voted luck of the fryrish, baby!

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Chat with character artist

This Saturday at 8PM EST you'll have the chance to talk with Futurama character layout artist (s1-s3) Heidi Guedel in AnimationHQ's chatroom. How this works is, you log on to the chatroom either using a Java-Applet, or by using an IRC client like mIRC or xchat and logging on to irc.dejatoons.net and entering the room #AnimationHQ. Once there, you private message your question to a moderator of the room and he'll ask Heidi your question. Later on in the chat session it will become unmoderated and you can have a real time conversation with Heidi. She will most likely be talking about her years of work on different Disney and Warner Bros. projects and about her book "Animatrix- A Female Animator: How Laughter Saved My Life"

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Singing Billy

Always wondered what a "50 year old Fry minus the stupid" would sound like when singing? So did I. But now we can ease our minds: Futurama voice actor Billy West published a new CD called 'Billy West & the Grief Counselors - Me Pod'. An advance peek is available from IGN Music complete with a full mp3 version of 'I Wasn't Broke For Christmas'.

There is a phone ordering service mentioned on Billy's music page where you can also find 6 more short samples.

Thanks go to Ken P. of IGN for notifying me.

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