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It's been a long time since anyone submitted a futurama remix to us, but thanks to Jordon Bell there is again. He made a cross between ambient and rap mixed together with some futurama. Also check out 3 wonderful Leela art Konstance submitted to us. If you submitted something and I didn't put it up yet, I'll put it up as soon as a can.

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And today is...

Anyone want to guess what day it is?

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Groening on Adult Swim & Simpsons

Matt Groening will make a rare television appearance on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) when he introduces his favorite episode of Futurama each night at 11 p.m. (ET, PT) during a weeklong event Sunday, May 23-Thurday, May 27. So be sure to check this rare event of seeing our beloved creator pick his favorite updates. Thanks to the Animation Insider for this heads up. Read the full article here!

In addition, USA Today reports that Groening will have a guest appearance in one of the upcoming seasons of his other show, The Simpsons. He'll be introduced as the famous inventor of Futurama signing Bender dolls on a Springfield comic convention.

Introducing him as the inventor of the Simpsons on the Simpsons would not have worked, of course. Now the continuity geeks have to work out how he can be on the Simpsons as the Futurama inventor when the Simpsons is a TV show in the Futurama universe. Whaaa!

UPDATE: It will be on April the 18th!

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Family Guy back in production

Well, it seems our sister show is going to be resurrected. Want proof? Read an entry on Alex Borstein's website, she's the voice of Lois Griffin and a staff writer :
Hello again! It is with great pleasure that I announce that Family Guy is back in action! I am very excited, as I know most of you will be when you lay your eyes on the first new episode. I don't have my official start date yet, but it should be very soon.
Where will Family Guy be aired? Most likely Cartoon Network, but no details of this are set yet. No air dates, either. What does this mean for Futurama, me wonders. Thanks to DrJohnZ for the heads up.

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Futurama Comics #17 in May

This is the second part of the Bender trilogy four part issue by Ian Boothby. It should come out the last week of May. Pre-order it at for 2.99$.
Fry, Leela, Bender, and Cubert return to Earth from last issue's outer space adventure at boarding school only to find the planet Earth complete uninhabited. But before they can figure out where everyone has gone, they are forced to defend the planet from alien invaders who try to claim it under Intergalactic Planetary Salvage Laws. Fight the Future with Futurama Comics this May!

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Groening rhymes with reiging.

It's not entirely Futurama related, but the following interview was made by OregonLive with Matt Groening, creator of our beloved show. Enjoy the reading
"The Simpsons" began appearing on segments of "The Tracey Ullman Show" in 1987 and became a series in 1990. It is the longest-running animated series and situation comedy in TV history and is scheduled to run at least until 2005, to the delight of fans in the more than 60 countries where it airs. Groening also created "Futurama," which ran for four seasons and is enjoying a second life on the Cartoon Network and on DVD.
Read the full article here.

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No news today!

Brandy Macek sent us some cute fan art of Leela, Zoidberg and Zapp I also put up the conclusion of Zomono's Fry-T Night fan fiction called: "the end of the night". I hope you enjoy it Please feel free to submit more fan stuff to me

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DiMaggio on SW: Clone Wars

The official Star Wars Homing Beacon newsletter reports that John DiMaggio of Bender-fame will have two roles in the upcoming Clone Wars Micro Series.
Known to many fans as the voice of Bender on "Futurama," John DiMaggio not only plays a Padawan in the micro-series, but is also the menacing voice of General Grievous in the series. General Grievous is an Episode III character who makes his debut in the final episode of Star Wars: Clone Wars. Don't expect much in common between Grievous and Bender though. The General of the droid army isn't likely to invite any Jedi to bite his shiny metal posterior.
The second installment will start on March 26th on the Cartoon Network and Hyperspace.

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Season 3 DVD Contest Winners

With about a thousand people entering, our Futurama Season 3 DVD contest sponsored by FOX Home Entertainment just ended. The 5 winners have been picked by our edel-powered random winner generator. And here they come:
  • Yves Wenselaers
  • Sharon Louise Aguilar
  • David Huynh
  • Matthew Gilman
  • Douglas Slayton
Should you be thinking "Hey, these aren't my five selves", well, tough luck You can still look at our review and marvel at the DVD's greatness.

When done, there's enough time to preorder at amazon.

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Grave robbery I tells ya!

if you enjoyed those flash games jon pointed out, you'll certainly love this one: Futurama Mix Machine. It's the latest version of Bofr's mix machine. Also check out his short Morbo gag at the Animation & Video section. This was a non "Story Of My Life" update from me Enjoy!

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Flash! Did you catch it?

Steve pointed out this cool flash intro made by a fan at But there's more to newgrounds than just one fan-made intro... Lots more! NewGround has many Futurama flash games / sound boards / mini-episodes. I suggest you go check them all out for yourself.

PS: Due to problems in the past with falsely filtered emails, I just changed my email account internally. If you sent me any email and I didn't reply, please resend it.

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S3 R1 V3 R2 D2 DVD Set Update

I got something all of you don't have! And no, it's not that thing I had to get taken care of by a doctor the other day... No! Not at all! It's season 3 of Futurama on DVD! Well, ok, maybe some of you have that already... *mumbles something about region 2 people* Anyway, I got season 3 on DVD in region 1 before all of you! Go me! Wooo.. And boy does it kick ass. It's chocked full of episode goodness. It has a little bit of episode crapness, but the goodness outshines the badness. And the commentaries are priceless. If you're interested, I updated the review Marc and edel made for the r2 version of the set with information on the r1 version. With the r1 version, you get a couple of extras: New menus and new sound bytes. So anyway, just go check out the article, it's cool and will make you want to buy the set.

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