Futurama That Could Have Been

As we all know, there was a worrying time in the summer where during negotiations with the talented voice cast of Futurama, FOX sent out a re-casting call for people to audition for all the roles on the show.
How far in that process they got before the negotiations were luckily resolved we don't know, but it does seem that audition tapes were sent in.
Now one has turned up on the interwebs via actor James Pomichter's YouTube channel. Here he auditions for the role of Kif(played by Maurice LaMarche) and Fry(Billy West).

For curiosity only, I've posted it below. What do you think? Any good? Discuss in the comments below...

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"Cameron Diaz got a 9 foot mouth!"

Ok guys, here's a MASSIVE treat for you all:
Actor and comedian Kevin Pollak is currently doing his own online chat show. If you haven't caught it already it goes out every Sunday LIVE from his website. The diverse range of guests are always interesting so it's always worth a look.

However, this week saw two special guests join Pollak; Billy West and John DiMaggio!

During the almost 2.5 hour show the actors cover subjects from growing up, to beat boxing to their favourite dirty joke (I even managed to get a question in through the chat room at about the 1:47 mark).
Kevin is a great interviewer and this is a great watch, and not just for fans, as Billy and John prove to be both hilarious and interesting.
You can watch from Kevin's website:
Or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes:
You can also follow kevin on twitter and try to check out his other interviews as they are just as interesting.


Note: NSFW: Strong language.

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It was cold down there on the floor

Normally this sort of thing would just appear in our twitter feed but I think it deserves a place on our main page due to how frickin' sweet it is!

Brain Slug Cup Cakes for Everyone!!!

Good job Alicia!

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Happy 10th Birthday CGEF!!!

Get ready to raise a bottle of Olde Fortran, because today(January 15th) marks the 10th anniversary of Can't Get Enough Futurama!

CGEF was born 10 years ago when Andy Similon merged his site "Futuraweb" with "All You Need is Futurama" ran by Jason Peavey. Along the way PEEL was born and Jon, Marc and myself signed up.

A big thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years, contributed to the site, wrote on the message boards and generally been great meatbags. I think another thanks has to go to everyone on the show as if they didn't make such a great show we wouldn't do this and an additional cheer to Comedy Central for bringing the show back! Cheers!! (You drunk yet?)

So on this day, here's a small teaser from David X Cohen:
Episode 100 which was recorded the other day may serve as a mini-season finale depending on Comedy Central of course. Also, episode 101 is an Anthology of Interest-style episode with 3 stories based on Xmas, Robanukah, and Kwanzaa.

Get ready for June people!

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A Puny Number!!!!

I'm sure many of you are wondering how those guys on Futurama are getting on with those new episodes for your eyeballs to feast on in the summer...
Well, word comes from Maurice La Marche(Kif, Morbo, Lrr) that, after helping The Simpsons celebrate 20 years on Sunday, today marks the day he goes in to start lending his voice to the 100th episode!
A big milestone for the show so congrats to everyone involved!

Excited yet people?!

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Invaders! Possibly from Space!

Shinobi has created an impressive Futurama themed version of Space Invaders which is available for download for free from shinobis-place.de.
It is of course inspired by one of the segments from Anthology of Interest II.

If you like what you play make sure you give Shinobi some feedback! What better way to usher in the New Year!

Here's a Trailer:

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Futurama returns to the Netherlands!

Good News Everybody(in the Netherlands)!
Having only had season 1 broadcast before in the country, Comedy Central will start airing Season 1 through to the last episodes starting January 4th and airing daily at 8:25pm following the Simpsons, plus a re-run at 1am.

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