why didn't I see this coming!

Yeah, I'm having some problems with updating during the holiday season But I do have this cool wallpaper of zoidberg as jesus, and because of many requests I added a glow to him

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Last Episode this Year ... rerun

Today FOX will show a rerun of the episode 'Luck of the Fryrish', which was one of the highlights in Season 3, showing some of Fry's family life in the 80ies. You can find and add reviews, look at pictures and read the episode guide at the usual pages.

The reason why this episode is a rerun and not a new one probably is ... football. Many of you won't get to see the episode, especially the eastcoast seems bad. If your local FOX station shows a game at 1pm, you might have luck though.

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Chibi? What the hell is that?

Don't ask me Well FrysGIRL saw we were in a desperate need of some submitted stuff, so she gave us something she did a while back ago, so check it out in the fanart section of frysGIRL. We also got a picture from OutlawArt which is in the various submitters area because we don't have enough pictures of that person

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and I'm jesus!

Actually I'm not but I really loved when Zoidberg said 'I'm jesus' so I made a scan of it.

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I'm dreaming of a red Xmas!!

Well, the ratings for Futurama are in(well, they were in Monday but I only just got a chance to look at them)

Unfortunately, Futurama's ratings were down to 4.2/7 share from the season premiere rating of 4.5/8 share. It's not as bad as it sounds though as it was up against a CBS movie. It came in third behind a repeat of ABC's Alias, beating NBC.
Incase you're interested, The X Files scored a 5.1/8 share in that timeslot on December 9th meaning Futurama DID keep a large proportion of the usual X Files' audience.

So overall, a so-so rating but could be better...

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I'll harpoon you in the eye

I just finished this cool bender scan of the latest episode, there will be more scans of this episode soon

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Take this Jerry!

'keyboardsamurai' sent me this neat Jerry Springer Futurama parody (right click and save). It is a 7mb DivX file, so you might need the codec for that.
Get it and tell him what you think about it in the comments

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We are free and fairly sober

On the second day of xmas cgef gave to you, 4 3D Wallpapers and I added the lyrics of the xmas song by the elves.

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I see no changes!

I've done some changes to the 'space invaders IV' game. I added ingame music and a new startup screen. I also added some new references to the lists and references area.

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Wee... X-Mas!!!

Well.. I can't say I've seen the new ep yet, but when I got them, I'll make sounds and bring them to you guys ASAP! Anyways.. MERRY X-MAS FOLKS!!! enjoy the spirit of free stuff

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You've been very naughty

I finally completed my Space Invaders 3K IV game and it's ready for some bug testing. Download it here and tell me what you think and if you see some game related flaws, please tell me Maybe everything works, but that's hardly the case in my previous games (oh yeah, read the readme.txt before you start playing, it'll be a great help) BTW, it's very unlikely that I will do an update on XMAS, but I'll try and MERRY XMAS.

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I'm going to tear off your skin

Well, It's a mere few hours til you all recieve your Futurama figures and tintoys so, in the Christmas spirit, here's a very special message from all of us here at CGEF.

Also, please REVIEW last nights episode. We've only got 5 so far!

Have a great Christmas and don't eat too much! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch A Tale of Two Santas! Ho Ho Ho!

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And the grabs are in

I haven't watched the episode yet, but I have made the grabs for you guys first The quality of the grabs are a bit better than usually. Enjoy, and have a nice xmas evening.

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Are you coming onto me?

Just before the new episode premieres, take a look at the (quite large) Freeze Frame file for Roswell That Ends Well. If you think I missed anything, remember to email me...The file for The Tale of Two Santas should be up on Wednesday. I'm sorry I didn't get it up this week(no, not that you moron!) but with it being the last week of work before Christmas it's been long hours...
Of course, tonight is the night! The rescheduled-cos-it-was-too-violent episode is on tonight(8:30/9:30, remember). The episode is written by Bill Odenkirk('How Hermes...', 'Insane in the Mainframe') and is directed by Ron Hughart('Fry & the Slurm Factory', 'Raging Bender', 'War is the H Word'). Contrary to what a lot of people have said, John Goodman is NOT voicing the Robot Santa in this episode. He was busy filming when the part was recorded. So John DiMaggio voices him tonight(and I'm sure he'll do just as good a job!)Coolio also stars as Kwanzaabot as Bender takes over the duties of Santa while the citizens of NNY are still under the impression he is evil...

Also, for all you music fans, this episode features another song penned by the master of ceremonies: Ken Keeler.
Remember to post your review after! And, if you haven't already done it, download this amazing music video!

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Quick reminder

Today (Sunday)
9:30PM - Tale of two Santas
For many this infamous episode will be the only new episode without a risk of severe preemption for months to come, so don't miss it! Also, form a habit out of reviewing the episode afterwards. Worked out nicely last time. Thanks

Merry XMas to all of you out there!

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It's haggle time again

I'm still working very hard on that new game But it's still not complete. But I got you something else too, the second part of the Project ALBIA fanfic. And thanks to chris I also updated the futurama staff page.

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Ho Ho, Ho my various gods

Yep, it's almost the day we've all been waiting for. The airing of the futurama X-mas episode. It's so disturbing they'd decided to air it on a later hour so all of you get your agenda out of your purse and write it down. A tale of two santas will air tomorrow (Sunday) at 9:30PM/8:30C.

* Updated : I added 2 wallpapers to the wallpaper section.

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Hey, it's not much from me today, but the day is still long I just got my results from my exam and I passed all subjects (if anyone gives a damn). Well enjoy this zoidberg scan

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breakin' it down!

What happens when you mix a catchy tune and synchronize it with some futurama footage? Well Tom Heiber tried it and he created this futurama music video. Enjoy...

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lend me a back, will you?

More fan submissions coming in: Nina managed to talk a friend of her's over to let her draw a neat Fry on his back. Have a look and get your tattoo needle hot

'Zoidberg' from the german Futurama Center added one more wallpaper to our collection. This one features Fry, his grandma and his granddad set up for a Pearl Harbor shot.

Thanks you two!

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Enus! Well Gadzooks Sarge

Okay here's my latest scan of Enus, it's not my best one I've ever made but it'll have to do

* Updated : The timeline by Noah Otters

* Updated : The bios of bender (again).

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Topic made to fit...

yes my exams are finally over, I can now spend time on cgef again. I know you all got attached to mArc but well... get unattached :P Before I started my exams I began working on Space Invaders 3K 4, and I will continue working on it in the holidays. This is the first screenshot I can give you for now And expect more from me today.

* Added: 3D art of bender relaxing in a chair with a slurm magazine.

* Added: Bender is now 1057 in his bios page, because of the latest episodes additions.

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Nina gets made

When those dang merchandise companies can't strike good deals for producing more figures and toys for quite some while, it's time for the real fans to take over that part. Nina aka FrysGIRL sent me a picture of a cool wireframe Bender which you can see a small version of at the right. Also she gave me a photo of a Bender tatoo and a layout Leela she drew. All of this is to be found on her art page here at CGEF.

Quick reminder: send all your art to fanart@gotfuturama.com if you want it published. We will always answer those mails in one way or the other.

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new episode sounds and grab

The edel version of the sounds for episode 2ACV04 - Xmas Story and 3ACV09 - The Cyber House Rules are in. To all the involved hard working CGEF slaves: Lick my frozen metal ass.

You might be questioning yourself "where the hell are those non-mArc webmasters?" Well, they either got other obligations or work in the background on things you don't see. But lighten up, Andie will be back mid week and take over. In the meantime he gave me his newest scan which shows Zoidy with his hilarious face during the interrogation in the latest episode.

Make sure you review yesterday's rerun of Mother's Day even though you hated not seeing a new episode just like me, I bet.

  • Good news: We will see a new episode on 23rd (The much anticipated too violent Tale of two Santas which recently got a great 8/10 rating and editors' choice in TVGuide)
  • Bad news: no new episode on the 30th
  • Good news: instead Luck of the Fryrish is shown (really great one)
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    DVD Review

    As editor for a UK DVD mag, Payndz from ANSTATMAW (longest page acronym ever) was lucky enough to get ahold of the first CD of the DVD season 1 set ahead of time. Read his preview complete with menu pictures on his Amy site. (might be down due to heavy traffic from you know where ... try later then). He also opened a thread on PEEL for discussion.

    And then: CNN reports "Simpsons" study at university.
    ADRIAN, Michigan (AP) -- It won't be taught by the Simpsons' evangelical neighbor, Ned Flanders, but a philosophy class being added to Siena Heights University's curriculum will be based on the popular animated TV series. (full story)
    We'll tell once Futurama studies are available

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    Next Episode

    As you can see to the right, the next episode to air is a rerun of Mother's Day (guide). If you do not approve FOX of showing reruns you might be in luck; it only airs in the pacific and mountain timezone, the rest will see a football double header.

    Also, I got word of two different versions about when Futurama Season 4 will air in the UK. One says "along with the winter line up" which would be January, the other says "no earlier than march". Hope for the better for you guys.

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    4ACV Titles & Synopses

    The Leela Zone got ahold of a list with the Season 4 titles and one line summaries.
    Some of these are sure subject to change and most of them will probably not air before next winter. A discussion about them was started here on PEEL.

    And then: It's Explosive is up again together with FSAC, LiC and SSF

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    There they go ...

    Wonder what happened to such wonderful sites such as FSAC, LIC or SSF? webnews

    First scan from the new series is in by yours truely. my scans

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    Not if I can help it!

    Well.. It seems I forgot to do a sound of (according to some) the best part of the whole 'Roswell that ends well', so I made a bonus file (bottom of the page or click here if you're a damn lazy bastard!). No one can say I don't take critics serious...

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    Final TV Ratings

    Now the final ratings are in (last time was overnight ratings).
    This time, I will compare the different shows on FOX (household rating/share):
  • Futurama 4.7 / 8
  • King of the Hill 5.3 / 8
  • The Simpsons 8.7 / 13
  • Malcolm in the Middle 8.6 / 12
  • The X-Files 6.0 / 8
    What does this tell us? While having the same market share as X-Files and KotH, Futurama was seen by quite some less people than those shows. Reason: Many people eat or do other things at 7 in winters. There, done ranting.

    Oh, and FrysGIRL send me a pic of what that naughty girl does during class. Thanks!
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    Fixit Fixit Fixit

    Actually, I didn't fix much. The server simply forgot how to execute CGIs for a while, but it seems to have it's memory back. Let's hope

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    Well gadzooks, Sarge!

    There we go! I finally got the sounds ready for you guys. With transcript and everything (ok.. thanks for spellchecking edel ;P). I hope you guys have seen the episode, cause it rocked, and if you didn

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    Overnight ratings are in

    As read on Zap2it :
    At 7 p.m., 15 minutes of NFL overrun secured a win for CBS [and screwed it over for Futurama -- CGEF]; combined with 45 minutes of "60 Minutes," the network took a 12.4/21. A repeat of the Christmas movie "Santa Who?" came in second on ABC, while the season premiere of "Futurama," 4.5/8, and a new episode of "King of the Hill," took a 4.6/8 for the hour.

    Keeping the pre-emption or non-airing in mind, I guess that's an OK start. Maybe a secure time slot and some more promotion especially for a premiere could help the show a bit.

    In other news: We noticed that you, Bob, didn't bookmark us yet! Bad Bob. I demand you do so now! (others are free to do so, too).

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    Why has everyone seen it except me??!!

    Hehe, well I haven't seen the episode yet, just waiting to find somewhere to get it from(hint, hint!)

    In the meantime I thought I'd give you all a heads up on a VERY extensive article with the man himself Mr DXCohen over on scifi.com in which he gives detailed info on the making of the show, the ups and downs and(unfortunately) what might be the scenario when his contract runs out soon...

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    Your grabs are already there!

    Yep, they're here, I squeezed in some CGEF time into my study time and I managed to get the framegrabs up for you guys. Check the 3ACV19 grabs out here.

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    except grandma and grandpa

    There, it happened. Finally we got to see a new episode and what an episode it was. Great work Mr Burns!

    Now, I hope you remember that we do not have any episodes for download here for many reasons, but we will try to get the screen shots and other things in as soon as possible. Just check back often

    Now, if you didn't yet, take your time and review + rate the ep
    Our aim is to get at least 15 reviews, but 30 would be fine also. Don't hesitate and give some feedback.

    Pity that some of you only got to see parts of it
    Doesn't look like FOX values it enough to show a premiere in its entirely around the states.

    And yet more (sorry for having a long update again ) one of the real die hard fans - FrysGIRL - has sent in three of her Fan Art pictures. Thanks Nina.

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    Some one fat get in my waaaayyyy!!

    So who's this strange looking guy?

    Well it's me, reed! Some of you may remember me from a while back on the old CGEF and even further back on BBF, my own site. I know I haven't done anything around here since the opening (although some of my content has been on here), but since it's the long awaited season premiere tonight I thought I'd put up my 230+ scans as a celebration.

    Or something...

    Anyway, I should also have the season premiere Freeze Frame file up soon after the premiere and maybe a couple of scans from it. As should be the pattern for future episodes.
    Anyway, tonight's season premiere, as you know, is about the crew travelling back to Roswell and getting involved with the famous Area 51. The episode's written by J.Stewart Burns(A Head in the Polls, The Cryonic Woman and the Futurama game) and is directed by the great Rich Moore(A Clone of My Own, Anthology of Interest)

    And after the episode make sure you come back and chat in the chatroom and post your review!
    Oh, and just some speculation for you UK fans... Sky One might be showing the banned Christmas ep 'A Tale of Two Santas' on Christmas eve. Hopefully I'll have confirmation of this very soon..

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    Today is the day

    There you go, todays schedule for our US inhabitants:

    06:00 am: We are past that, but that's when you should wake up on a usual sunday. Eat well, you will need it today.
    10:00 am: Walk the dog/brother. Whatever applies to you. Visit CGEF.
    01:00 pm: Sign up for PEEL
    01:02 pm: Post on PEEL
    05:00 pm: Get nervous, need to talk to someone, visit the chat
    07:00 pm: You can't be reading this because you are

    Watching the FUTURAMA Premiere

    07:32 pm: Return to CGEF and post your review on the new episode for other fans and some of the Futurama Staff to read. After that, go to #futuramachat again to talk to other Futurama Fans.

    Thanks, the management.

    Update: On less fun news: The Futurama Outlet has closed its gates for good. It was always nice to have a second big page around to compete with. Thanks go to Robert, Darrell and the likes for helping to get Futurama on the web.

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    One more day to wait

    As read on the newsgroup a.t.f a while ago and posted by "Don Del Grande" here is which cities will get the new episodes how:

    Most cities in the Eastern and Central time zones will see Futurama in its entirety, unless the local Fox station decides to show the Washington-Arizona game, in which case it will be joined in progress.

    Most definitely a full episode for:
    Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, New York

    Slight chance of being shown in progress if the local football team's game is blacked out, but otherwise a full episode:
    Atlanta, Buffalo, Dallas, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Tampa, Kansas City

    Now the sad ones ...
    Most likely to be shown in progress unless the local football team's game is blacked out:
    Boston, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Philadelphia

    Pretty sure to be shown in progress:
    Cleveland, Jacksonville, Memphis, Washington

    Local FOX stations may choose to air futurama complete a bit later. Don't count on that though.

    In Futurama words: If not pleased with FOX's Futurama treatment, write your congressman.

    For those desperately waiting for the season 4 start tomorrow and not knowing what to do until then but fingernail biting: 1BDI sent us a new Fan Fic called Project ALBIA. Don't forget to give it a rating after reading.

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    It's that time again!

    Nope my exams aren't over yet, but I made some time to give you an early christmas present Isn't that nice of me? I made a set of Futurama Xmas icons to make your computer look a bit more xmas. Click here to download the Xmas Icons.

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    Santa Claus is hunting you down!

    Breaking news! Fox will not show a rerun of "X-mas story" along side last seasons x-mas episode that was not aired due to having too much violence. Originally Fox was planning on not showing an X-Files episode and having an hour block of Futurama at 9PM on Dec 23rd. So, now all we get is the unaired X-mas episode titled "A Tale Of Two Santa's" shown at 9:30PM. Oh well, at least we get to see the new episode. It just shows you how wonderfully fox is to one of the best shows ever made. This news was provided by the man himself, David X. Cohen.

    And, I updated the web news section.

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    Back with more David talk

    Well, this time not with ourself but with Zap2it.com.
    In this article, David talks some about the current timeslot of Futurama and then some about Season 4.

    "Our time slot doesn't even exist on FOX throughout most of the fall. It's frustrating -- it's very frustrating"

    Additionally, Zap2it.com has the Season 4 trailer both in ASF and RM

    Thanks to Frank on the german FFU board for the hint

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    The Staff is in

    We started a staff credit page with info on people making Futurama the show we love for those who want to know more. Jon filled it with info on the big guys of course, which will replace our current "The Creators" section. Also, there is a list of the episodes sorted by writer and info on voice actors and some producers. Over time we hope to get it more complete (*hint for the people at curiosity*).

    And a quick reminder .... 4 days till Season 4 starts

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    CGEF Interview with David X. Cohen

    Ever wonder whats going on with that new Futurama video game? Wanna know what happens to our Favorite Characters this season? Wanna know if Cubert is out of the Series? Then you'll want to read the question and answers session I was lucky enough to have with Futurama Executive Producer David X. Cohen . Here is a tid bit of what the interview has in store for the people that are too lazy to click this link...


    Q: Are you planning on introducing any new characters in the near future, or is the current cast pretty much complete?

    A: We're at the point now where I don't expect any major roles to be added. However, sometimes a side character appears and we take a liking to him or her, bringing them back whenever possible. Some side characters who will be reappearing here and there are Bubblegum Tate (Commander of the Harlem Globetrotters), Scruffy (the janitor), Cubert (the Professor's clone) and Hedonismbot (oh, wait, you've never seen him yet. Better prepare yourselves.).

    If you want to read the entire interview (and we know you do), then click here and read until your eyes hurt.

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    Sir Links A Lot

    I updated the links section with about 8 new sites and added button images of each site also. If you want to be added to the link section, email me.

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    Insane sounds are in

    Our edel-transcriptor got the 'Insane in the Mainframe' sounds done. Have a hear at the pretty funny Roberto lines. Here is the Episode Guide for that one in case you forgot what it was about.

    In other news, I hear season 5 wasn't yet officially ordered by Fox, but the artists at Rough Draft are pretty sure their winter pause will only last till march.

    In yet other news, UK viewers call C4 at 02073 96 44 44 and ask for Futurama being shown on friday nights. Also, ask for Season 3 to be shown before June 2003, that's just ridiculous.

    And lastly, Aussie viewers tune in to FOX8 at 6:30 Eastern Daylight-Saving Time for the start of season 3 (The Honking).

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    He's really showing it...

    Hey, just taking a break from cgef to to update cgef with something. A 3d short clip that I found in the old cgef directory. In lighter news, I have updated the webnews section too :P

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    Futurama Board:
    Visit our strong going affiliate PEEL. Once part of CGEF, it grew to unexpected popularity and now is the board for Futurama fans.