I think I know how to write melvar!

Hey guys, I updated the trivia section with the latest episode 'where no fan has gone before', I hope you find it challenging. Oh yeah, I also updated the lists and references section a bit, it had some missing song info.

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Some words by Matt Groening

Matt Groening gave an interview to the Financial Times in which he talks about the fate of Futurama and the Simpsons:

But Groening is unhappy about Fox's handling of Futurama, his animated science fiction show. [...]

While Fox is showing this season of the series, it has refused to order another, blaming slipping ratings. [...]

"They haven't really supported it. I think it's a worthy companion to The Simpsons and we're really proud of it. But Fox gave it a bad slot and zero promotion for the last three years."

However, he is determined to prove Fox wrong about Futurama, and he is not alone in his campaign for the programme. An internet petition - not organised by Groening - has already collected 105,000 signatures of fans who want to save the series.

Read the full article at FT.

PS: We are at 112,469 signatures in our petition right now and thanks go to Richard S for pointing me to the article.

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Contest over

The Paley Contest is over...About 100 entries... I'll announce the winners tommorow... I'm too tired to make an article and send out emails tonight... Although a very well known 'fog' at peel got the grand prize ;)

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How do you do it?

I have gotten this question over and over again, so I decided to make a 'How to make scans' tutorial. It gives a short explanation of how I make my scans, or at least how it's easy for you to learn.

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Time's almost up to enter to win the signed Futurama LA weekly! All you have to do is enter your name, email address, and something quick and corny like 'Futurama rules' and then we'll send that to fox, and send a randomly selected person from the entries a signed LA weekly!

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'Where No Man' Sounds

19 of the best quotes I could find from the final episode 'Where no Fan has gone before' are now up for reading and listening to as sounds.

Bender: "Another classic science fiction show cancelled before its time!"

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As promised, some fan art by Erdrik: One with Fry and Leela cliff hanging in an uhh ... weird position and the other with a self portrait of erdrik in the futuramay way.
Keep sending them fan arts ;)

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Late but not least.

I updated the lists and references, if I missed something, gimme an email

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Stuffy Stuff

Erdrik gave us his newest Fan Fic called 'The Juicy Details Chapter 1'. Read and rate it! More of his artworks to follow.

And then, Juliet made a scan of Leela and Shatner being busy.

Lastly, Odino wanted that prostitute and the "You're fired!" quote which are up now on "The 30% Iron Chef" sound page.

PS: On the Futurama-o-rama, some people pointed out that it probably will be a Futurama comic book collection. Amazon.co.uk lists it without further info, too. Strangely, with an earlier release date.

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Season Finale's TV-Rating

After the previous low rating for of (3.6/ 6) for 'The 30% Iron Chef', this week's season finale managed to score an ok (4.5/ 8) rating scoring place 3 for the timeslot after '60 minutes' and 'NBA Basketball'. This is still lower than the early season 4 episodes though.

While browsing through amazon again, I found something called 'Futurama-O-Rama', scheduled for October and credited to Matt Groening. It's published as a paperback by 'Harperperennial Library'. Anyone got more info on this one?

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Beep Beep Beep Beep

Hey guys, I just uploaded the framegrabs on the server, I hope you'll enjoy them. Check out the 'Where no fan has gone before' grabs NOW Oh yeah, also drop in to review the episode. Bye

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Extra Super Dupder Contest!

Well, it's taken me many weeks, but I finally got around to making this contest! So now for you submitting pleasure I bring you the Paley Contest! All you have to do to enter is fill in your name, email address, and a small essay as to why fox should renew Futurama. One lucky grand prize winner will receive an LA weekly I got signed by 12 Futurama people when I attended the William S. Paley Festival last month. And if that wasn't enough, 5 runner ups can choose from your very own @gotfuruama.com or @doop.org email forwarding address! Not too shabby for trying to save Futurama eh? Contest ends next Monday and once all submissions are tallied, we will make copies of all the essays and send it to fox. So what are you waiting for? GO ENTER NOW!!!


Priz, who also attended this event made a report of the William S. Paley Festival for CGEF which is now in the articles section. Expect a report by me later this week (although my weeks seem like months).

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Squishy Blob Sending

Finally got word that amazon is now sending out the Squishy Blob with either Fry, Zoidberg or Bender inside (at random) for $9.99.

Also, amazon now has the Rocket USA wind up toys for preorder (May 30 they say, no guaranty though). This includes the hard to find URL Police Bot, 3 Benders and Nibbler for unusual low $19.99

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You made me take it out!

Hey, I have a scan of the propaganda guy from I dated a robot, dunno if you know him, but check it out anyway. I made this scan while making a scan tutorial that will be up soon.

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Don't forget that today at 7pm is your last chance to watch a new Futurama episode for at least 5 if not 7 months. This long awaited episode will be great for all star trek fans and should still be quite enjoyable for the non-nerdy people without skin problems. Watch it!

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Iron Chef Sounds

The sounds with the best quotes from 'The 30% Iron Chef' are now up.

Elzar: "Bam!"

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Fan Art Update

Juliet sent me 3 more fan art pieces for her page on CGEF and so did Erdrik for his one. Keep them coming. With the season to end on sunday, Fan contributions is what will help us to stay active for the near future.

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Futurestocks? Nah, just Xmoo

Hey, I added the trivia of '30% Iron Chef'. I hope you find it challenging enough I also added a link to XMOO in the games area, because it's my favorite interactive game that is related to futurama.

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Season Finale Trailer

zap2it got the tailer of the season finale up. The episode next sunday will feature William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Walter Koening, George Takei and Nichelle Nichols in the last episode for this season when Fry tries follows the routes of the forbidden cult "Star Trek". Read more in our Episode Guide.

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Ding Ding Ding Ding

I updated the lists and references area, with the details of the last episode, and I adjusted some mistakes in the trivia question section because there were some mistakes, I'm sorry for that. If you notice anything wrong and you can prove it, please email me BTW: if you have gotten back your letter from FOX unopened, please email me so I can know how bad the situation is. I hope we can still do something for the show :)

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I hate bottles.

Okay guys, I just uploaded the framegrabs of 'The 30% iron chef'. I hope you all enjoyed the episode, I know I did. In any case, read and post reviews and ratings!

If you want to see, what's gonna be in store for the season finale (although a short finale) check this forecast on the last episode of the season.

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The 30% Iron Chef

Today at 7pm on FOX:

'The 30% Iron Chef' is now officially the 11th and second last episode this season. It was written by Jeff Westbrook ('The Day the Earth Stood Stupid') and tells us what happened when Bender left the Planet Express crew after overhearing that the crew doesn't value his cooking skills. Expect to see Morbo and Bubblegum Tate return in smaller roles. Watch it!

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You're a disgrace to all women!

No this is not meant for you personally, whoever you are I did a scan of Jacky Anderson (the blernsball player on futurama). Well I hope you enjoy it, bye bye now

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Leela of her own Sounds

I uploaded 12 sounds with nice quotes for 'A Leela of her own'.

Bender: "When will man learn that all races are equally inferior to robots!"


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Back With The Subtlety Of A Rabid Moose

It's been a long long long long while since I lasted updated here, so here I go again, hopefully more often.

I've added 16 new pictures by Maximilian Jaenicke these are intended to be used as covers, but I think they do a great job as art, plus it's obvious some time and patience went into their creation (not to mention art from a well known scan-artist being used).

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Due popular demand, contest is back

Because of popular demand, actually only one person let's call him/her FrysGIRL. But the problem about last conceptual art was that I lost all submissions of it so I can't name anyone the winner of that one, the answer was 'mayor poopenmeyer' Well check out the NEW> conceptual art picture.

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New wallpapers

Matthew King sent me 3 new wallpapers: That Guy, Gringo Zoidberg and one with a waving crew.

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Futurama around the World

Start TV network's channel Star World is going to start airing Futurama in english on April 14th every Sunday at 19:00 (HKT) / 16:30 (IST) / 15:00 (UAE) and Saturdays at 09:00 (HKT) / 06:30 (IST) / 05:00 (UAE). As far as I can tell this network reaches China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Middle East, Pakistan and India. Thanks go to Yaron Glick from Isreal for pointing that out to me!

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Season 2 DVDs

Rumour has it that the Season 2 DVDs will be released in September in the UK. Keep in mind that the DVDs are released as production seasons, not airing seasons. Check out which 19 episodes would be included.
Sorry for the US guys & gals, still haven't heard anything about a US-release. Think years. Or import if you have a region 2 DVD player with PAL playback.

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Let's welcome this Robo

I just wanted to tell you guys that I added trivia question of the 'futurestocks' episode

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30% Iron Chef Preview

Zap2it already got the trailer for this week's episode "30% Iron Chef" up. You can read some more about it in our beefed up Episode Guide for it.

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We're here to make the pizza

I did a scan of one of the Signoids of the pizza place from across the street of the planet express building, I hope you enjoyah deh pizzah

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Futurama References

We all know that Futurama includes a lot of references to other shows and movies. How about the other way around for a change? Thanks to 'Morbo3000' and 'Venus' for posting links to the online comics dorktower (great one) and melonpool on the Futurama Message Board P.E.E.L. and to 'Otis' for sending me a cover of the April issue of the UK Magazine What Satellite TV which features a double page article on Futurama.

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Worst blernsball season ever.

I did the framegrabs for 'a leela of her own' also the episode is now ready for reviewing. I hope you enjoyed it, more from me coming later.

* Update : scan of the cave man of the last episode added

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Episode Outlook

Today at 7PM we are going to see "A Leela of her own". This episode written by Partic M. Verrone (The Problem with Popplers, A Clone of My Own...) is about Leela becoming the world's first female major league Blernsball player. Like most of what you saw this season, this one too is actually a left-over from season 3.

A week later on April 14th Bender is trying to become a wellknown cook by entering a TV cooking contest in the episode 'The 30% Iron Chef'. As you guessed, that's also a Season 3 left-over.

And then ... According to tvguide April 21st will be the way too early season finale 'Where no Fan has gone before' in which Fry tries to retrieve tapes of the forbidden religious cult 'Star Trek'. Guest voices are: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols. This concludes season 4 after a grand total of ... 12 episodes! Way to go with screwing a show over ...

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I did the framegrabs of Futurestocks (last weeks). Sorry for the delay and lack of updates, but I was away skiing if you don't know already

* Updated : Opening Subtitles

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Futurama Comic 8 & Fan Art

The 8th issue of the Futurama Comic is out for some time now, so it's time to review and rate it. Don't let yourself be fooled in the shops, the cover seems some weird this time.

Dark Horse/TFAW (search for 'Futurama' there) have the new Rix Futurama merchandise for preorder (shipping in June). Both are 10% cheaper if preordered. The Tin Coaster Set is $5.39 and the Playing Cards are $8.78 right now.

In other news, Erdrik sent us a heap of (partly sexy) new pictures. Have fun playing "spot the naked Leela butt" on his Fan Art page here on CGEF

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Simon Says...

Simon Fazio says "save futurama!" and is the 100,000th to do so in our petition. Thanks to all people who added to this and promoted the effort.

With 100,000 people signing the petition (granted, minus some fakes which we'll even out soon enough) someone really should think about what that means. I seriously doubt that this site and the internet as a whole managed to reach out to more than 2% of the show's audience. Do the math FOX.

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DVD set for Australia?

I got several people telling me that the DVD set sold at amazon.co.uk actually has both region code 2 and 4 which means it should work in Australia without problems. Can anyone confirm or falsify this (use the comments)?

UPDATE: The first 5 comments all say it works without problems in Australia and NZ. Have fun with them :)

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junk and stuff

Next Sunday at 7pm we'll see 'A Leela of her Own'. The episode is about Leela becoming a professional player for Blernsball, the finally spiced up version of Baseball.

Boston Phoenix now put their article on the show's cancellation online.

Also, I put up a scan of ... That Guy and updated the WebNews about TLZ and SA.

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Futurestocks Sounds

I added sound samples of the best lines from 'Futurestocks'.

If you live in the Boston area, the Boston Phoenix on the shelves this Thursday should have a small newsbit on our petition. Would be nice if someone could get and scan it for me.

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FOX dn 61

Sadly, the rating for Futurama went down this week and ended up being 3.5/ 7 compared to 4.4/ 8 for King of the Hill and 7.3/12 for The Simpsons. While it's normal that the early hours have a lower rating, this week was the serie's lowest overnight rating I can remember. Not a surprise though seeing that the show has a heavily fluctuating time slot.

On the bright site, Juliet from oaob sent us 3 new scans. Some fan art to be added later.

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